Trustees election

They seem to have hidden this election pretty thoroughly. No banners that I have seen and the candidates’ statements are nearly impossible to find.

And yes, James Heilman is running again, and has been deemed officially eligible.

So the candidates’ statements are here. And the fun part–the answers to the questions, like whether women should be allowed on Wikipedia or not, is here. The questions have been nicely sanitized from a rather rough list of community submitted questions.

There are two other elections at the same time, Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) and FDC Ombudsperson, look in the side bar. (No, they are in June, you find out if you play follow-the-link long enough.)

I might write later on the subject, especially if there is a request (yeah, I hear ya, WR proboards, and I’ve been pondering the Kohs thingy ^^ first things first etc) but there’s a lot of reading to get through and the format is not that friendly. Anyhow you should read it for yourself before reading any editorial.


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