Judge Aaron Persky recall petition

Judge Aaron Persky

Recall petition for Judge Aaron Persky. One year ago, Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Thanks to Persky, he only served 3 months in jail, for what his father described as “20 minutes of action“. His victim woke up in a hospital covered in blood and found out from a newspaper that she had been assaulted. Her statement was published in Buzzfeed and went viral.

What can you do that will get you more time than brutally assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster?

Shoot a police dog 19 years in prison.

Two and a half years for bankruptcy fraud. A year for laughing at Jeff Sessions.  You could go on and on.

And on a less serious note, you can receive 6 years in prison for throwing a catfish on the ice at a hockey game. But of course if you are white and male…say no more.

But try to do something about an attacker?  Disabled teenager Bresha Meadows on suicide watch and still in jail.

170222-kitty-cat-in-pussyhat-animatedAnd now, “Brock Turner syndrome” is contagious: a 20 year old drugged his sister and raped her, but only got 4 months in jail, because “stigma”.

The police and the judges may be keeping the ice hockey rinks safe from fish, and senators safe from ridicule, but they are putting brutal criminals back on the streets, and putting women’s lives in even more jeopardy.

The recall petition for Judge Aaron Persky has more than a million signatures.


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