Drinking the red pill koolaid

Too funny…

…until you start to realize just how sad this is. Poor guys can’t get laid, so they believe the first person who comes along and tells them what to do.

Does anyone really believe that there is a Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station that will take you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? No one over the age of ten. Does anyone really believe there is a secret Red Pill world, other than the one on a movie set? There’s a whole reddit devoted to it. And another reddit devoted to deprogramming from it. Says RedPillDetox:

“…nobody really joins a cult. When i joined the Red Pill in 2010 i never thought that i was joining one. I was joining a cool fucking group of cool fucking guys who were going to teach me how to do cool fucking things like getting laid. And becoming a cool fucking guy myself in the process. Yay!
It’s only when you start seeing weird irrational shit everywhere like the idea that half of the world population are anti-social humans who only want you for your money (and this is supposed to be a big dark secret and all!), and that women actually want to be raped, and that you should date rape your “targets” because that’s “alfa” and, most important of all, you stand behind your computer reading this stuff as you nod your head in agreement, knowing deep down that normal people would read this and be automatically disgusted, that you know you went way too far in this bullshit.”

Not even Wikipedia has its own deprogramming club.

[This would appear to be a reference to Paul Elam, who was very good at conning women into subsidizing his drug and alcohol habit, before he learned to make buckets of money from the “men’s rights” movement.]


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