Moar coloring book

great women paper dolls coloring bookJust in case you have wee ones at home who like to color, here are the famous women. A pity this coloring book is out of print.  Technically, this is classified as “adult coloring”. Gel ink pens are recommended, whatever those are. The women (below the fold) are:

Amelia Earhart
Anna Pavlova
Beatrix Potter
Bessie Smith
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Florence Nightingale
Golda Meir
Joan of Arc
Lady Murasaki
Madame Curie
Madame de Pompadour
Queen Boudicca
Queen Victoria
Sarah Bernhardt
Susan B. Anthony
Vittoria Colonna

… and…Victoria Coleman…

But you didn’t come here for the vintage women paper dolls, did you.  You’re here for the Victoria Colman paper doll. Yup, she’s hidden at the end of the other pics, because of the paid editing misogynists who like to grab onto pictures of women in order to make comments about their appearance. Believe me, when you see these guys, they are no hotties.


Okay here is the Victoria Coleman paper doll I promised Rosashills, and I have a few more items about her after the pics.

The robot leggings are black transformers by Balenciaga c 2007, the original price was $100,000, and a custom pair was made for Beyonce. They are included because I couldn’t find an open source (or for that matter a copyrighted) image of Coleman down to the toes, and this can give her feet if someone wants to make a stand up cardboard doll.

So it’s starting to look more and more like she is notable, although the standards for an academic are fairly murky, and only men tend to get a free pass by the patroller boyz.

So there is a Victoria Coleman bio at Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

There is a list of patents for Victoria STAVRIDOU-COLEMAN here. I don’t know what any of them are, but the whole list just screams ENCRYPTION. Bring on the black helicopters. There is a deletion discussion for her English Wiki article here.

Her main book was Formal Methods in Circuit Design (ISBN 0 521 44336 9) from Cambridge University Press.  Google Books has a snippet view.   It’s also on Amazon.

But you would need an article with a book review to establish notability, and you know they only write those for men.

Her other claim to notability might be authorship of the international standard for computer manufacturing that is in her bio.

Her stuff on World Cat is listed under at least three different names.  Looks like first she had to hide her gender then she had a married name.  This does not happen to men, that you cannot find their life work and publications.

She has published a lot of conference papers on computer testing methodology.  She is on World cat here as V Stavridou. Also on World Cat as Victoria Stavridou-Coleman. Here is a list of citations.

There is a conference paper here. She has a Wikidata item.

Here is interesting stuff about testing “Gordon’s computer”, which was an early version of the PDP-8.  This was the subject of her book, using models for software testing to test models for microprocessors, before manufacturing the microprocessor on a chip. It has a case study of Gordan’s computer, with pages of mathematical proofs. Ah, and finally a downloadable paper on that.

“Formal Methods and VLSI Engineering Practice” – Oxford Academic, by V Stavridou – ‎1994 – ‎Cited by 5

 UPDATE: Aaaand, a deletion discussion in French, kind of sad to see it but not really a surprise to see deletionists on

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is some additional info on the 1995 standard, “UK Ministry of Defence DefStan 00-56”

  • The Practical Application Of Formal Methods To High Integrity Systems by Peter Bradley, Linda Shackleton, Victoria Stavridou, from “Directions in Safety-Critical Systems: Proceedings of the First Safety-critical Systems Symposium The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol 9–11 February 1993 [abstract and preview]
  • [PDF] Safety-Critical Systems, Formal Methods and Standards – CiteSeerX…pdf, by J Bowen – ‎Cited by 419  Safety-Critical Systems, Formal Methods and Standards Jonathan Bowen Oxford University Computing Laboratory Programming Research Group 11 Keble Road, Oxford O X1 3QD, UK Tel: +44-865-273 838 (272574 direct) Fax:+44-865-273 839 Email: <Jonathan.>& Victoria Stavridou Departmentof Computer Science Royal Holloway and Bedford New College University of London Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX, UK T el: +44-784-434 455 (443429 direct) Fax: +44-784-443 420 Email: <victoria @cs .rh bnc .a c.u k>
  • S. Liu, V. Stavridou, B. Dutertre, The practice of formal methods in safety-critical systems, Journal of Systems and Software, 28 (1995) 77-87. [PDF]
  • DEF STAN 00-56(PART 1)Issue 2 – FTP Directory Listing

  • DEF STAN 00-56(PART 2)/Issue 2 – FTP Directory Listing


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