Reddit bans r/incels and B emoji in one day

So the “B emoji” is a red B, that is used to replace the letter C, supposedly originating in the Bloods street gang, to dis their rival gang, the Crips. The meme has morphed to the point where it is no longer possible to determine when it is being used ironically.  The emoji has been banned by the dankmemes subreddit. at the same time the incels subreddit was banned entirely.

Incels (“involuntary celibates”) has long advocated raping women but apparently went too far when they told a guy to castrate his roomate because he had a nice girlfriend and family.  More at r/inceltears subreddit, including alternative subreddits for relationship and manhood advice.

Also /r/incels has been banned yields up some curious details about where the refugees from the subreddit are likely to go.

Voat AKA “Reddit, but with more Nazis” does not want them.  Voat welcomed FPH (fat people hate) when it was banned, and their servers were down for days after the migration. Speculation is they will go to the_donald (Trump) subreddit, as that one is not likely to ever be banned.  Also it is speculated it is a FBI honeypot since their warrant canary was removed.

All in all, it hasn’t been a good week for the alt right. Might also mention Lane Davis, in connection with the stabbing death of his father.  Davis, aka “Seattle4Truth,” used YouTube to promote conspiracy theories that liberals are secretly organizing pedophilia rings on Mars; he was one of Milo’s ghost writers on Brietbart, and the political editor of the alt-right Ralph Retort. The money quote from his mother’s phone call to 911: ““He’s mad about something on the internet…”

While we’re on the topic of reddit bans, the Kotuku in Action subreddit has now prohibited something called “outrage bait”, which they define as “the intentional spread of misinformation or narrative spinning without presenting all the facts”, as a violation of Rule 7 (“Don’t post bullshit”).


2 thoughts on “Reddit bans r/incels and B emoji in one day

  1. I’ll make some inquiries but *secret* stuff is probably the least of their problems, Spain is extremely and overtly unhappy about the independence thing. In the meantime lots of stuff going on in Catalonia right now. The Catalan parties have to choose their slates for the December 21 election within the next day or two. Carme has already declared she will run, and in the meantime has acquired some great paper doll accessories: a car, some bodyguards and a lawyer to open the car doors for her, and an imposing number of tote bags she carries all at the same time, while doing that European cheek kissing thing, not to mention wearing heels, even though she is well past 60. Yes and they have finally got her DOB right — the IPs who put in the correct year were getting reverted. Now for all the articles that copied the wrong date from Wikipedia…

    I doubt if Wikitribune is quite ready to rock and roll, they probably just published that one because it would be past its freshness date once the revolution happened…the next day as it turned out.

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