Perverts lose Alabama

[Dec. 12, 2017, 10:30 pm, Alabama time]

Two hours ago Roy Moore was ahead by 5000 votes and projected to win Alabama.

The senate race had been dominated by accusations of pedophilia, and last few hours of the race featured a speech by Moore’s friend describing an “accidental” visit to a brothel in Vietnam staffed by trafficked children.  Moore was heavily endorsed by Trump, and heavily promoted by the deep pockets of the Brietbart blog.

What a difference two hours makes.  The NYT has just called the election for Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones. 

And the margin of the loss is in the write-in ballots, probably most of them for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban.  They don’t love Democrats, they just don’t like perverts.


FWIW, the University of Alabama is the traditional rival of Auburn University, the turf of such Wikipedians as Jimmy Wales and Drmies/Prof. Michel Aaij.

UPDATE: A full day after the election, the media is finally getting some clue about the importance of the Saban write-in campaign.  Dan Zack of the Washington Post seems to be the first, at a little after midnight tweeting “22,777 write-in votes. 21,311 votes separating Jones from Moore”, which was then picked up by Bama Online and by SBNation, and finally at 3 pm by CBS Sports. Thanks to a new Alabama law, the write-in votes will now be counted, so we will find out exactly how many of those votes were for Coach Saban.


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