Drugged at a conference

logo1Something about the description of the sexual assault at Chaos Computer Club in 2016 has been at the back of my mind and I just figured out what it was.  The woman was described as being “intoxicated to the point of being non-responsive.”

How easy is it to drink that much?  I mean, seriously. Sure there have been alcohol related deaths, at fraternity hazings and such, but mostly people will vomit before they can drink that much, unless there are other drugs involved.

And now it has all come back to me, this description of another conference, where a man got drugged at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the annual gamer conference in Los Angeles, and received much sympathy for it on Twitter:

“Ended up getting drugged at a party at E3 by drinking a drink intended for a girl I was hanging out with.”

If you look at the thread, the men all know about it, that the drinks are meant for women and that men are in danger of taking them by accident. They even know what the drugs are. But it never occurs to the women they might have been drugged.


2 thoughts on “Drugged at a conference

    1. That’s got nothing to do with it. Getting roofied has been going on for years https://www.thecut.com/2014/10/what-you-might-not-know-about-getting-roofied.html

      and before that, getting cubed with LSD. https://www.vice.com/sv/article/gq8nn7/a-brief-history-of-acid-spikings-840

      What’s new is this gang raping of unconscious women from the gamergate PUA rape culture. It is a brutal hatred of women. Keep your eye on the millennial women, they are not going to put up with it.

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