Wikipedia: a unique culture of putting children in charge of adults

Welcome to 2018. Here is your inspirational quote for the new year, courtesy of Kumioko.

People don’t want to work with assholes or in a negative work environment.

They don’t want to work with incompetent morons like a lot of the people at the WMF are or the ones who are in charge of Wiki-administration.

People don’t want to be insulted, denigrated and told they can’t be trusted by children with no real life experience and who are largely uneducated.

Wikipedia has a unique culture of putting children in charge of adults, telling qualified people who are educated, have actual certifications, and are experts in professions in real life that they don’t know as much about a topic as some high school dropout living in their mom’s basement.


9 thoughts on “Wikipedia: a unique culture of putting children in charge of adults

  1. If you think this is something, you should see the violently-acidic e-mail rants he CCs dozen of people on. Some days I wonder if I’m the only one still reading them.

    “FUCK YOU ALL, every one of you are worthless pieces of shit and you should quit your jobs and hire some competent people who will help the community improve Wikipedia. You are all are a bunch of disgusting pigs! You are a disgrace to the community.”

    Truly inspirational.

    Note: I’m taking the liberty of striking Salvidrim’s words here. Kumioko has denied writing these, and there is a high probability this is a Joe job, see screenshot of comment below. -Genderdesk 1/11/2018

  2. A culture that has one of its official representatives mocking a Fields Medallist because he wrote a simple mathematical formula in an article on a mathematical topic leaves much to be desired.

  3. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get past Kumioko’s sheer frustration to extract the nugget. He seems to be mellowing lately though. The whole “incompetent morons” I think is unfair, every organization has some cruft or mediocre people in it, or people without the authority to act, but there are also some truly inspirational people in the WMF who are quietly doing good work. By the time you get through the numbing effect of the rantiness, you almost miss the important point: children have hijacked the leadership of the organization and are calling the shots, driving away the experts. You might want to look at the Ajraddatz thing again (Ajraddatz goes postal, Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz) and how they used technicalities and collusion on Wikia to get him globally banned.

    The math situation I don’t know what to say about. I have met her and she is really sincere, has some valid insights about the movement, some that are not in sync with what is politically realistic. Should they have printed it? It’s a technical subject and maybe they didn’t have the expertise to catch it. Yeah, they should have saved her the embarrassment, but it’s not the first time something like that got through. There was also the La Mona thing if you recall, a nationally prominent librarian, really the “who’s who in data” of library science in the US, mocked and chased out by a British lynch mob. Too bad, with all this Wikidata stuff suddenly coming to the forefront, she might have been a valuable ally. But people are blaming her as well, for wasting her talents at AfC.

  4. Hmm, just re-reading the thing about the emails, I haven’t personally seen any “FUCK YOU ALL” emails from Kumioko, but if that is what he’s sending to the staff, it could explain a lot. The staff should not have to deal with that, it’s totally unreasonable and a responsible employer will protect their people from that kind of abuse.

    When did it start? Before or after the global ban? Was he banned for sending emails to staff, or because some kids gamed the system and the WMF let them get away with it?

    They should really be a little more public about their global bans, there have been enough of them by now that they could publish a composite description of what they have banned people for, without identifying particular individuals.

    Note: see below, these emails appear to be Joe job.

    1. Yeah, it’s plausible, I’ve asked WO to redact my earlier accusations as I’ve no proof either way. It did seem to be an escalation of his previous ranting, but it was also the culmination of a long-ongoing entrenchment against the WMF, so it was perhaps TOO believable

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