Alexa: dudes dig me

So who reads Genderdesk?


Can we see that a little closer?

Dudes. And more dudes than the average. This is not always accurate, see for example the notes at the gender guesser , or this about gender on Twitter.

But what can I say.  Dudes are really into me.   Can’t blame them really.

What kind of dudes?

Dudes who are highly educated. Dudes with a good brain.  Dudes who know words, who have all the best words.  I was going to use the term “stable genius” but this is Wikipedia after all, maybe we can just go with “genius”.

Dudes who are not expected to do anything at work.

I don’t know why anyone would read me at home, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the “home” contingent on the above graph is my European fan base and they are just in a different time zone.

So these are smart dudes, but are they dudes from Wikipediocracy?


Um, no.

The only one I recognize is Wikipedia, which is a little surprising to see Barbour or his cohorts here since their site has a vaguely porny vibe. And I don’t see Wikirev either, which started out strong, but which everyone deserted since it turned into a Breitbart SEO optimization hub outpost.  They never did recover from getting trashed by IAC. The others I think have something to do with something called Rational Wiki, but that was before my time.

UPDATE: Oh my, the website is claimed by “team IAC” the paid editing clique from India with all the bizarre conspiracy theories. I have to admit it was worth it though just to see arbitrator Drmies admit to receiving his Wikipedia payoffs in bitcoin through the Cayman Islands. Too bad The Darkened Knight deleted his comments at the end, and now his account too, he knew some stuff about them.

reddit team IAC thread


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