Ghost riders

Until Epiphany-tide is over, more or less on Jan 17, beware the Wild Hunt, Wilde Jagd, Cŵn Annwn, or just plain Ghost Riders in the sky. If you actually see them, or they come into your house, keep all the doors open so they can find their way out again.

The Johnny Cash classic:

The Liszt Trancendental Etude No.8 Wilde Jagd performed by Linzi Pan. compare this with Boris Berezovsy who sweats a lot and has a Wikipedia article: Transcendental Etude No.8, Wilde Jagd (Berezovsky). Almost didn’t click on these women because they didn’t “look like” musicians–really reinforces the idea of blind auditions, no? Linzi Pan made the Washington Post at age 11.

“Omnis terra adóret te, Deus” Introit for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany


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