Guns? What about white masculinity?

“Imagine if 61 out of 62 mass killings were done by women? Would that be seen as merely incidental and relegated to the margins of discourse? No. It would be the first thing people talked about.” -Jackson Katz
Advertising poster for the automatic rifle used at Sandy Hook

So, this conversation has been going on for a long time.  This article in French is from 2012: “Why do not we talk about violence and masculinity?” or in French, “Pourquoi ne parlerions nous pas de violence et de masculinité?” [open in Google translate here].

The first thing cited is Megan Murphy’s article, “But what about the men? On masculinity and mass shootings“, available in French as «Et les hommes, eux ? » Propos sur la masculinité et les tueries de masse.  This is worth quoting extensively:

When men commit violence, they’re fulfilling expectations of their gender.

“Caring, compassion, and empathy aren’t innately feminine characteristics. Those are human characteristics,” Katz says. Yet men learn the opposite. They learn to shut up and take it like a man. They also learn that they are entitled to certain things in this world: financial success, access to women, power – when they can’t acquire these things, what happens? Well, sometimes, apparently, they seethe. And without any other tools to deal with their anger and resentment, some men resort to violence.

“As a white man, the assumption is that you are the center of the world. Your needs should be met. You should be successful,” Katz says. When that doesn’t pan out men will often end up seeing themselves as victims. “This explains the cultural energy on the right in this past generation – so many of these men see themselves as victims of multiculturalism and of feminism,” he adds. “It’s undermining the cultural centrality of male authority.” Katz points out that we can see this worldview manifesting itself in the Men’s Rights Movement. “They are at the front line making the argument that men are the true victims.”


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5 thoughts on “Guns? What about white masculinity?

  1. Well, some eugenicists might argue for a calibration of testosteroni in the bein’ soup. Surely, Big Farma’ could help out with that over the course of a few generations.

  2. Renée Bagslint is making a sick joke at the expense of the children who were killed, with the cheap rhetorical trick of acting like the problem is for women to gain some kind of murder parity with men by committing more murders, instead of reexamining the assumptions behind male entitlement. Just the sort of thing you would expect from Wikipediocrazy.

  3. I am asking the perfectly reasonable question “So what’s the answer?” Do you have an actual proposition to discuss, or do you prefer to wring your hands at how terrible it all is? Since it is obvious that more murders is not the answer to reducing the number of murders, your fake outrage is, well, fake.

  4. What part of “reexamining the assumptions behind male entitlement” do you not understand? Since you have not bothered to click on even one of the links, or to try to read and understand the research on the issue, it seems that it is your question that is fake.

    The only worse optics than using dead children to try to stir up contention is for a Brit to try to use dead American children to stir up contention.

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