The Carrite kumbaya challenge: Worklists of the world unite!

A few weeks back, Wikipediocracy’s resident faux lefty, Carrite, challenged the world to “step out of their comfort zone” during the month of February and edit something for Black History Month, claiming it was a “bigger issue” than the under-representation of women.

But Carrite had proposed no such exercise for himself.  Thus was born the Carrite Kumbaya Challenge.  Carrite was challenged to step out of his own comfort zone, with a small side wager involving the SPCA.

Well, Carrite has finally begun to redeem himself, and has assembled a sort of work list, along with a personal message for me, which is really hard to read, but seems to contain the word “kiss”, so no doubt it’s another one of his charming valentines.  To which I say “mwah”.

So, the work list.

New articles for :

Copyedits to:

  • Mississippi Delta, which has a very unwieldy list of sources that do not appear to be used on the article.  Better not let Drmies see that one.
  • Emmet J Scott, which still contains the same sentence twice in the lede paragraph

A very respectable start.
And now for the unfinished stuff.

A photo for Lloyd Garrison Wheeler.

Okay, I know where there is at least one, not online, but in the research department of the Chicago History Museum in Old Town on the north side, also there are some online Tuskegee Institute small group photo stuff at LOC from 1906 during the time he was there that he *might* be in, if someone can identify him. The guy has still got some family in Chicago that seem to have done some research on the guy, but having a photo of him they would be willing to donate seems like a long shot.

Too bad Wikipediocracy was so mean to Keilana and the women scientists, I bet she knows someone who could just walk over there and talk to them.

A book about Milton P. Webster

Carrite has to wait a couple of weeks for a book he needs or the article won’t be any good?  What book?  Oh my, do you suppose Carrite intends to put the women in the article? Oh, yes, the women’s auxiliary was very active, also in Minneapolis.  He will probably want:

Otherwise the two standards on the topic are:

Here’s two more sources, one a master’s thesis and the other by a local historian.

Don’t know where Carrite gets his books that it takes so long, but I’m pretty sure I can get these books for him faster than he can get them for himself.


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