China shuts down “Feminist Voices”

UPDATE: And,….Xi is now “president for life”.

Can’t figure out what is going on here.

Everyone knows Wikipedia is blocked in China, and the Chinese Wikipedia is written by expats and Taiwanese, maybe a few from Hong Kong — not sure how that works with Hong Kong part of China now.

China has just shut down the group “Feminist Voices”, and on the day after International Women’s Day.  According to this Twitter thread, the #MeToo hashtag is censored as well, and this has something to do with China’s strongman Xi Jinping.

“At the time of suspension, Feminist Voices had over 172,000 views and over 180,000 followers.”

There is a WaPo article about Xi Jinping, and how his authoritarianism depends on suppressing women — if you can get past their paywall, lately they’re even more aggressive than the NYT.

NPR talks about #MeToo.

China did the same thing last year, only before International Women’s Day.


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