Uncommon Women: coloring book goes commercial

The UnCommon Women Colouring Book of 2017 can be downloaded free from Commons.  Katherine Maher is on Page 5.


Funding for a new 2018 UnCommon Women Colouring Book is being crowdsourced here, at Indiegogo. The funds are basically to pay the artist, the same cartoonist  who did the 2017 series, who goes by the name “Rori!”.

I don’t know about anyone else but this doesn’t seem quite right to me.  I donate my time to open source, so why are these people suddenly asking for money. On the other hand artists should be paid for their work, and it does look like the project will be funded.  No word on which women will be included in the new book, but it will have an open source license.

pi t shirt1Actually, since it’s Pi Day (3.14), how about a nice free Historical Women in STEM coloring book from energy.gov.


The art isn’t too bad, it’s by Cort Kreer, a graphic designer for the department of energy. Cortney Kreer’s home page is here.

cort greer graphic designer
Cort Greer

The women are

WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-2WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-3WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-4WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-5WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-6WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-7WomenInSTEM2017-coloringbook (2)_0-8


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