Carme back in prison

Carme Forcadell, Madrid, March 23, 2018

A judge in Madrid has just ruled prison without bail for Catalonian leaders Carme Forcadell, Jordi Turull, Dolors Bassa, Josep Rull, and Raül Romeva. They have all been taken into custody. And it looks like Carme Forcadell, Dolors Bassa, and Marta Rovira have resigned their positions in the Catalonian parliament.

Turull would have become the next Catalan premier at Saturday’s investiture debate.

Wikipedia and user Alsoriano97

So, has any of this made it into Wikipedia? Nope. Not even in Catalan, although I suppose they might be busy at the moment.

…Oh wow, on the Raül Romeva article: “He was jailed on 2 November 2017, and again on 23 March 2018, amid rebellion and sedition crimes.”  That’s a big BLP blunder right there, by a user Alsoriano97 who claims to be a Catalonian law student, not that they might be in a position to be pressured or anything.

The Dolors Bassa article has a bit of vandalism, a cellphone IP in Spain changing her name in the infobox from Bassa to Barça (boat), what a class act.

Hmm, this edit is kinda flaky too “Ya en los medios, dijo que los indignados habían intentado un “golpe de Estado encubierto” y que la jornada fue un “festín de los violentos contra todo lo que veían con corbata”. by the same presumed Catalonian law student translates to “Already in the media, he said that the outraged had tried a “hidden coup” and that the day was a “feast of the violent against everything they saw with a tie.” …except that it’s not in the source — here’s the El Independiente source in Google translate:  Zilch.

Marta Rovira

Marta Rovira, a Catalan secessionist, and former secretary general, has skipped her court date and fled the country, saying in a letter:

I have a daughter, Ines. Mothers know how I love her. And how strong is the feeling to give her  everything that I can give.  Exile will allow me to be a mother to her, and she deserves it. A lot.”

Once again our Alsoriano97 gets in an interesting edit on the English article, adding the category “Fugitives wanted by Spain”. Interesting category, that.  …also a subcategory of Crime in Spain.  Seems kind of pointy, doesn’t it, to categorize political exiles as “criminals”?  And only on the English articles — I don’t suppose those edits would stick in Catalan or Spanish. The edit was reverted immediately and an IP added more edits that identified her as Catalan.  Interesting, the other politicians are mostly listed as Spanish, not Catalan.

This kinda makes me want to track all of this Alsoriano97 person’s edits.  Let’s see what we can find. Let’s see, here in the article for “Political prisoner”, the names of “Catalan pro-independence activists” Jordi Sánchez, Jordi Cuixart, and Oriol Junqueras have been removed from the article.  Looks pretty well sourced to me: “son presos políticos”. Jordi Sánchez?  Still in prison, as of two days ago, per BBC News. Jordi Cuixart was still in prison as of March 9, according to the Guardian, and as of 11 hours ago by Spanish language sources. Oriol Junqueras? Denied bail in January, according to the Guardian.  The “rebellion, embezzlement or disobedience” charges for the group that came down from Spanish Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena today are described by of all things, a paper in Wichita Kansas.  The Spanish judge “says that Catalan separatist politicians and civil society groups have ‘colluded’ for the past six years to execute a plan to declare Catalonia’s independence, in violation of Spain’s legal order” and the trial will determine whether they misused funds for the independence referendum. So, while Spain may be trying to treat them as common criminals, the fact is, they are imprisoned for their efforts for independence, which the rest of the world considers a political act.  So, to take Spain’s view as Wikipedia’s view is not exactly NPOV.

This also proves the “Bullshit asymmetry principle”, or Brandolini’s law, that “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.”  I can also say I definitely don’t want this Alsoriano97 person as my lawyer.

Meanwhile, back in Spain

International arrest warrants have been reactivated for six of the Catalan leaders in exile: premier Carles Puigdemont and regional ministers Toni Comín, Meritxell Serret and Lluís Puig, all in Belgium, and Clara Ponsatí, in Scotland.

For paper doll aficionados, here are the old Carme Forcadell paper dolls from here.   Her current outfit (at the court in Madrid on Friday) seems to be a double-breasted (?) blue-gray suit with a pink scarf and a black above-the-knee (possibly) wool coat with a yellow Catalonia ribbon on the lapel.

Pelosi, 77, arrives for speech in heels

Her shoes are not visible in the photograph, but like Nancy Pelosi’s marathon speech, she does seem to wear heels throughout all of these events.  Age 62, but who’s counting.

Twitter seems to be able to translate Catalan now, although not very well: She tweets:

Consciència tranquil·la i cap molt alt. Avui ens empresonen físicament a la presó, però no poden tancar les nostres idees. Si ploreu, abraceu-vos, estimeu-vos i, sobretot, després, aixequeu-vos i continueu més units i més forts. Ens en sortirem.💪

Quiet and very high awareness. Today we physically jailed in the prison, but can not shut down our ideas. If you hug, love, fear thou and, above all, then get up and continue more and more strong. We will succeed. 💪

As might be expected, all hell is breaking loose in Catalonia. I am trying to follow on Facebook, most of it is in Catalan.

The hashtag is #LlibertatPresosPolítics.

Photos from Òmnium Cultural on FB are of demonstrations in the last 4 or 5 hours, the signs say “Llibertat”:

Assemblea Nacional Catalana says “Plaza Catalunya Full,”…

…the crowd in Barcelona estimated at over 2 million.

Here is another Facebook group, Som Catalans Defensant la República
And another link from FB group VilaWeb, titled in Catalan, “massive reaction against repression”.

Border protest from NacióDigital.Cat

About 400 people have cut the border on the national highway that goes to North Catalonia this Friday evening. It was after the rally that took place in the town hall square of the capital of La Cerdanya and consisted of a “symbolic” action that had lasted until a few minutes before 22 hours.

So, lots of demonstrations all over Catalonia, some spontaneous, but some with signs and uniforms that show some organization.

Here’s another FB group that seems to specialize in slogans, Jo vull votar adéu espanya.

And the strategy becomes clear, closing the airport, the customs, the ports, the borders.

Catalonia is the economic engine of Spain, so autonomy for Catalonia is not in Spain’s interest. Likewise, Europe is not willing to intervene, at least not yet. Asking nicely will not work.  There needs pressure and Catalonia is in a position to apply economic pressure.

If there is any doubt that there is an ongoing conversation on about a strike, it comes though loud and clear, even through Google translate.  Here is some sample conversation :

“Let’s all go to the stands in alcanar, we cut all the avenues of communication, train, roads, motorways, with camp and whatever it takes, for 15 days, which does not arrive or come out anything of ñ. They are isolated and are confitin their products. Aillem them from Europe. Let us feel all over the world…”

“The Most effective is a halt of country, already in we do a last October and Europe tremble, a country stop every week until Europe reaccioni.”

“There are already enough to do the idiocy. All at the borders and sink the Spanish economy.


2 thoughts on “Carme back in prison

  1. Dear friend,
    I am deeply surprised to find that you have been able to study me.

    Maybe you’re surprised that I found you, but that’s the way it has been and I have not been able to avoid contacting you. It seems incredible to me that you have decided to track my work on Wikipedia, which, at the same time, worries me. I am a person that I do not like to talk about people I do not know, so I see it regrettable that you have decided to make this publication without my consent or, at least, my knowledge. In Wikipedia, and I imagine that you know it, there are enough tools to solve problems, discuss and share issues.

    But there is a red line that you have skipped and I will not tolerate, which is why I have decided to comment on your publication: do not dare to question my abilities and the work done in the law school that I am finishing. You do not know me enough to know the effort I have made to be able to overcome the years. I do not admit it, nor do you or anyone else. I suppose you will have the maturity and reasoning enough to understand this.
    I also take the opportunity to invite you to discuss in detail, with all the cordiality and good vibes on the subject that deeply affects the ordinary Catalans. I do not know if it is from the same country as me, but if it is not, I recommend that you listen to both parts, carefully and with an open mind, and decide what position you have, because I think you have not.

    Una salutació cordial,

  2. Hi Alsoriano97,

    Thank you for your comment.

    This was a long time ago and now I don’t remember it.

    We were not tracking you, we were tracking Jimmy Wales and his WikiTribune Project. Their first article was about Catalonia, so then we got interested in Catalonia.

    I am very glad that people like you are writing about Catalonia, because in the West we do not have very much information about it.

    But I do not agree with calling these people “criminals”.

    Perhaps from the ‘point of view’ of Spain, they are “criminals”. But from the ‘point of view’ of the Catalonian separatists, they are “patriots”.

    Wikipedia tries to have a “neutral point of view”, see:
    So if you say they are criminals, you are taking the ‘point of view’ of Spain.

    If you prefer to write privately, my email is genderscribe(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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