The Atlantic and the ideological diversity of killing women

So this Kevin Williamson thing is still going viral all over Twitter.

Williamson has just been hired as a writer for The Atlantic, but it seems he has a bit of baggage.

Williamson: “We should name rape accusers.”

Among other things, Williamson is notorious for his belief that women who have abortions should be hanged.

The Atlantic‘s editor-in-chief, and Williamson’s new boss, Jeffrey Goldberg, calls him a troll and finds this “ideological diversity” a good reason for hiring him.

So advocating for executing 25% of the women in America is now just a “controversial aspect” of their writing.

So who exactly is Jeffery Goldberg?

Oh, my.  He is openly Zionist, and at one point moved to Israel, where he worked as a prison guard at Israel’s most infamous prison.  He has  openly bragged about beating Palestinian political prisoners and about lying to cover up other beatings. When he worked at New Yorker magazine he wrote dozens of articles that were later proved false.  Even conservatives and Zionists don’t like him.

Aaaaand still going on (from Jessica Valenti):

He didn’t even have the bravery to use the words ‘women’ or ‘abortion’ — just “extreme tweeting”, as if calling for the hanging of millions of women was some sort of Mountain Dew-fueled quirk rather than abhorrent and dangerous extremism.

But the truth is that I wasn’t angry. I was despondent. When my husband came home last night and I started to speak, I found myself weeping instead…

And there’s more:

Any time I have written or spoken publicly my abortions, I have been threatened with death — and I’m far from alone. Women are terrorized about their reproductive decisions — whether it’s threats online or the increasingly frenzied violence against abortion providers and clinics. And, of course, it was just over two years ago that a shooter killed three people and injured nine others at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, screaming about “baby parts” — rhetoric directly taken from conservative writers.

By hiring Williamson, The Atlantic is sending a clear message: That the worst kind of harassment and intimidation women face — extremism that has been directly linked to real life violence — is acceptable. And that it’s more valuable to the magazine than the women who read it or work at there.

It’s always about click bait, isn’t it.

There are women who work at The Atlantic — or in other media spaces — who will not be able to scream or cry or vent their fury and sadness. They know that the men who treat their lives as talking points and debate fodder are the same ones they’ll need to ask for jobs one day. It’s a bit easier for me; I have an established enough career that I’m not overly worried about burning bridges.

But this shouldn’t be on me — or any woman — to take on. Constantly trying to convince people of your humanity is an exhausting and demeaning exercise.

It’s about what sells magazines.
williamson screenshot


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