Women in red, Männer in Blau, German sausagefest

Just what Wikipedia needs, more drunk men editing.

This from the German Wikipedia’s house newsletter, the Kurier. (Archived at http://archive.is/tgEOI )

…are so sweet and precious

Men in Germany are all freaked out about the Women in Red “Frauen in Rot” project for trying to close the gender gap in Wikipedia’s articles, and especially about the whopping 10% of Wikipedia editors who are women. So they have started a Blue Man Group, “because so much feminine supremacy is simply intimidating to us men.  For us men, too, there should be a protected space in Wikipedia.”

Ah “what about teh menz”.  Who could have seen that one coming. Also there will be “joking jokes”, the kind one cannot tell around women.

I’ve got news for them, there’s already a protected space for men on Wikipedia.  It’s called “Wikipedia”.

So who is going to pay for this? “We have received a pledge from the Wikimedia Foundation for generous financial support, so that we can organize these meetings for a year on every first Saturday afternoon of the month in Berlin.”  Diffs!  Please!

Oh wait, Saturday night is “date night”.  These are the guys without dates. Either that or they will be showing up for their dates later that evening four sheets to the wind. Socially inept men editing Wikipedia —  now where have we heard that one before?

Who else will support this?  Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss-Brewery, manufacturers of Berliner Pilsner, Berliner Kindl, Schultheiss, and Berliner Bürgerbräu, just in case you want to patronize a different brewery.  They will be providing beer, “Flüssigbrot” (liquid bread), but it’s not certain whether it is “free beer”.

They will have manly topics, like engineers, athletes, firefighters and generals; protectors of the homeland – actually “das Vaterland”, so that would be “the Fatherland”. Kind of sounds like the Village People.

Also men’s rights, “Auch Männer brauchen Rechte” or “men also need rights”. I guess privilege isn’t enough these days.

But not to worry, these events are not for editing articles — the subjects are probably blue links already — they are “primarily intended to serve the networking of male authors in the Wikipedia.” Yeah, like women aren’t already frozen out of Wikipedia’s formal and informal power structures.


Already there are plans to organize these sausagefests in other areas of Germany, like Munich. It is only a matter of time before they cross the water and merge with Manchester. We can only hope they will all go away and leave the rest of us alone.

Here is the whole miserable thing, from Google Translate, below the fold:

Meet the men in blue!

As at the Tiroler Stammtisch in July 2017, it now looks on many Wikipedia meetings: authors in the majority

The women are catching up. Thanks to the successful project Women in Red, numerous relevant women have been given a Wikipedia article in the last two years. The GenderGap for the articles of the German-speaking Wikipedia is thus getting smaller, which we are particularly pleased. And at the same time, there are still so many men who have made outstanding achievements, about which there is no information yet to be found in Wikipedia.

At the same time, more and more male authors complain that they simply do not feel comfortable on many Wikipedia meetings and parent tables. Since there are more women being promoted as authors in Wikipedia, we are often in a minority there. Therefore, many men no longer dare to address and discuss specific topics. Be it because you are afraid to bore your counterpart with typical men’s issues, because you are afraid of inadvertently stepping into a gender blunder or because so much feminine supremacy is simply intimidating to us men. For us men, too, there should be a protected space in Wikipedia, in which we can afford article work among ourselves and in a relaxed atmosphere!

Meet the men in blue

In the fall of last year, therefore, 5 diligent Wikipedia authors have come together to jointly launch a new Wikipedia project. Under the name “Blue Man Group” we want to do something together for the promotion of the Wikipedia men: for the male Wikipedia authors and the relevant men. That’s why we started the project Die Blaumänner.

After several preparatory meetings with the people in charge of the Wikimedia Foundation in Berlin, we are pleased to introduce you to the project with the first edit-a-thon “Die Blaumacher” in Berlin. We have received a pledge from the Wikimedia Foundation for generous financial support, so that we can organize these meetings for a year on every first Saturday afternoon of the month in Berlin. We are already planning the organization of such meetings for the other Wikipedia locations in Germany and hope to be able to get started around the middle of the year with the first Munich-based Blaumacher-Edit-a-thon.

From the discussion about the last edit-a-thon “Women in Red”, in which it was criticized that some of the articles written there did not correspond to the feminist goal of the project, we learned. We would therefore like to give each of our meetings a thematic working motto under which we would like to write articles together. In choosing our first motto, we thought about the areas in which special men did something special. Of course, we also want to enjoy the article work and have therefore chosen areas that we believe are of particular interest to male authors. The first 6 meetings are under the following mottoes:

Higher – Great engineers of the 20th century
Faster – racers who made history
Next – athletes who inspired the world
Rescue, rescue, protect – Famous firefighters, disaster relief and helpers in distress
In action for the homeland – generals, officers and other military
Men also need rights – thought leaders and pioneers for the interests and interests of men

Other topic suggestions are of course always welcome!

Consciously, we do not want to understand these real-life meetings as pure work meetings. They are primarily intended to serve the networking of male authors in the Wikipdia and therefore have more of a casual gentlemen’s table. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that we could sponsor the Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss-Brewery for the first 6 meetings, which will provide us with plenty of liquid bread.

We deliberately do not want to exclude female authors from collaborating on our project. We believe that even women can write good articles about men! We hereby expressly invite authors to our meeting next Saturday from 14.00 in Berlin (location removed).

But we ask you to accept that first and foremost it is a project of men for men. So we do not want to read any discussion afterwards about too much beer at our meeting or too many joking jokes. After all, we want to write together as many articles about relevant men as possible – and that’s just part of the fun! On behalf of the Blue Man Group MiB, 1.4.


2 thoughts on “Women in red, Männer in Blau, German sausagefest

  1. Ah, that explains it, “1.4” does not mean “January 4” then. The writer was a single purpose account, indefinitely blocked 4 minutes after posting the Kurier piece. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spezial:Beitr%C3%A4ge/M%C3%A4nner_in_Blau

    Looking at the talk page, it seems that a few days earlier someone created 18 low quality porn “articles” at a Women in Red event, using two sockpuppets. When parody becomes indistinguishable from life, is it still parody?

    Further down I see there is something called a WikiBär, a permanent space for editing Wikipedia. It does not appear to be a joke. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiBär It would seem the Berlin group is extraordinarily well funded. I wonder if wp.de still gets to keep whatever Germany contributes to the fundraising drives.

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