Section 230 under fire

emerging threats logoI’m certain this is important but I’m just too tired to figure it out right now.

Section 230’s Challenge to Civil Rights and Civil Liberties  | Danielle Keats Citron

Section 230 has been unchallenged for a loooong time, but something tells me this is more than just a shot over the bow.

“As Olivier Sylvain’s thoughtful essay shows, it has been invoked to shield from liability platforms whose architectural choices lead ineluctably to illegal discrimination.”

Okay but I thought that in this case, discrimination was perfectly legal.

Also, who is this Olivier person.

Also, I hate stuff without dates.  The latest source cited is Mark Zuckerberg in his Own Words, CNN (Mar. 21, 2018), so okay, written sometime between then and now  4/7/2018.

I see it now, the Olivier person is in the side bar, a scholarly article.

This article is one of the scholarly responses. The Olivier article:

Discriminatory Designs on User Data

Olivier Sylvain
April 2018

“At a minimum, companies should not get a free pass for enabling unlawful discriminatory conduct, regardless of the social value their services may otherwise provide.”

Ok this is not going to be about Wikipedia, not that nice, open-source, homework-resolving Wikipedia that everyone loves even more than fluffy bunnies; somebody else is the target, but I guarantee that at least 10% of this will end up being about Wikipedia.

See also: Al Capone and tax evasion.


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