Self-help guru Tony Robbins tells #MeToo survivors to “stop being so sensitive”

This is pretty disgusting. Tony Robbins is huge; he invites this tiny woman on stage and proceeds to physically push her around, while asking the crowd to applaud.

His point? If you speak out about about men who sexually assault you, you will not get hired.

I think we already knew that, but here he is, repeatedly dropping the f-bomb and even invoking Jesus: “You shouldn’t throw that stone if you live in a fucking glass house“:

Robbins may have found it easy enough to be dismissive and continually interrupt the tiny women in front of his sycophants, but when a video of the thing went viral, it was reported on Huffington Post, Glamour, Newsweek, and more.

From Hollywood Life:

“I didn’t share my story of gang rape to feel ‘significant’ I shared it bc it was a SIGNIFICANT life altering and life threatening event that I could no longer remain silent about. #metoo, a user named Brenda Tracy tweeted.”

“…actress Daryl Hannah took issue with his anecdote about a “very powerful” man that, because of Time’s Up, didn’t hire an attractive woman even though she was admittedly the most qualified person for the job. “If your famous pal can’t trust himself &/or his coworkers to behave respectfully & professionally around a qualified woman just because she’s attractive then he has a personal or personnel problem it’s not a problem of the #Metoo movement,” Hannah said.”

Initially Robbins’ legal team issued a takedown notice to the woman who posted the video. She left it up as long as she dared, but in the end decided she did not have the resources to stand up to the heavy legal pressure. The video went up on March 20, but was down by March 23. Within 24 hours of the video being made public, Robbins’ lawyers had also contacted Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, to do damage control. The legal team also tried to silence Vice magazine:

“Robbins’s team also offered to send further video of the seminar on the condition that VICE sign a confidentiality agreement and not report on the contents of the video, which we declined.”

Today, or rather tomorrow, since it’s already tomorrow in Australia, the conservative Sydney Herald Tribune published on op-ed:

I have long used Tony Robbins as a dating screening tool. If a man lists him as one of his favourite authors – or, worse, as an “inspiration” – I’m out.

Oh dear.

But Robbins believes that women should shut up and put up. He wants to crush the most significant women’s empowerment movement since suffrage because our anger makes men uncomfortable. He instructed McCool to make a fist, and then he pushed against it, with the weight of his over-two metres tall frame. He forced McCool backwards through the crowd, proving, of course, that pushing against men will just make them push back harder….

Robbins is afraid. He is afraid of women, and he is afraid of our revelations and he is using his power and his platform to silence us. He is doing exactly what Weinstein, Trump et al have done, except that instead of buying us off, threatening us, or publicly shaming us, Robbins is using his powers of manipulation. He is dressing complicity and silence up as “empowerment” in his speeches. It is gaslighting at its finest.

Finally, more than 3 weeks after his March 15 debacle (ooh, ides of March), Robbins stopped trying to cover this up, and issued an apology on Facebook. Still crickets on his personal blog though, which is still all about “Transform your life”, and images of crowds jumping up and down cheering wildly as Robbins takes the stage.

Robbins’ Wikipedia article is nicely (and promotionally) manicured though.  There is only a small bit about this episode, hidden at the end of the career section, and whoever copyedited the curly quotes out added a dismissive edit summary “I also think this lengthy discussion is probably WP:UNDUE here.” An earlier incident at one of his fire walking events, where “only 5” participants required hospital treatment, is featured more prominently in a “legal issues” section.


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