We interrupt our regularly scheduled mysogyny….

…to bring you some missiles over Syria.

This is the most interesting video from Twitter as it is supposed to support the claim that 71 of the 103 missiles were shot down. “The Pentagon claims zero of its missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense. Multiple videos suggest otherwise.” The source is RT, so who ya gonna believe, the Pentagon or the Russian troll bots.

The discussion seems to favor this video not being proof of anything shot down,

infowars botnet chartThe next video is Alex Jones of Info Wars fame (I wrote about Kate Starbird’s research into his botnet empire here), screeching f-bombs, “oh was the camera on”, lol. If someone who is already batshit crazy comes unhinged, how would you know?

But Trump’s base is definitely unhappy tonight, and if you continue on to some of the Tucker Carlson rants on Faux news, you will see more “nationalist vs. globalist” unhappiness directed at Trump from his base. And on FB the usual suspects are saying “look what Obama got us into.”

A big NSFW:

For more conventional footage of the bombing, there is amateur video posted by the Syrian army on the Grunaid.

Enough bombs for one night.

And now, for something completely different, a four story high blue penis in Sweden. It is the work of artist Carolina Falkholt who, surprise surprise surprise, already has a Wikipedia article. The title of the piece is, wait for it, “Fuck the World”.


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