Katherine Maher discovers incels and the Manosphere

Maher (and a lot of others) are just now discovering the Manosphere. Some of us have known about it for a looong time, but as it says on the thread, this time it has been explained by a man.

This thread is now some 500 comments long, after the initial “tweet storm”; nobody reads it before they comment, so it’s a sort of hodge podge of the same comments over and over.

If you click on this embedded tweet, the whole thread should open up, or you can read it below the fold:

If you are not familiar with David Futrelle, check out his blog on the subject. http://www.wehuntedthemammoth.com/2018/04/24/incels-hail-toronto-van-driver-who-killed-10-as-a-new-elliot-rodger-talk-of-future-acid-attacks-and-mass-rapes/

I can only take a little bit of this at a time, but he is a sort of self-appointed Eliot Ness on the subject — he has been following these people for years.

The thread seems to be loading slow, so here is the initial text, mostly, and the links for recommended reading.


3 thoughts on “Katherine Maher discovers incels and the Manosphere

  1. That awkward moment when people claim to know what a movement is about but don’t…

    Incels: For the most part, you’re correct. Incels aren’t political tho, they’re just men who can’t get laid and are angry about it.

    MRAs: Not misogynistic at all. They believe in feminism (you know, the part where men and women are equal). Their points, backed by scientific facts, are that men and women are not equal because equality for women has been overshot, and men are systematically stopped. There are more women in university now but there’s still women only scholarships, for one point. MRAs are also not politically left or right wing.

    I appreciate that you’re trying to educate people, but the things you’re spreading about certain groups (granted, they are what other people say) are wrong. Keep up the good work!

  2. So Arshy Mann, DavidFutrelle, and r/inceltears are all wrong, because “scholarships exist”.

    So normies should be killed, because “scientific facts”.

    So “equality for women has been overshot” because all of the last 45 presidents have been women…oh wait.

    You know what, I feel sorry for you, because you seem like a nice little kid, but you also seem to have fallen in with people who are taking advantage of you. The people who start these hate movements make buckets of money, but they end up making everyone around them miserable.

    I understand that puberty is a difficult time, and there can be a lot of peer pressure to “get” sexual experience. But I’m not really interested in finding out more about why I should be killed and subjected to sexual violence because someone has been convinced that women are icky. And if you read far enough, “the Jews” always end up being in there somewhere too.

    If you are really that interested in the subject, I would suggest studying the sources above that I have linked to, written by people who do not make their living preying on the weak and insecure.

    As for me, I feel physically ill that someone like this has even come onto my website.

    Also, WordPress subdomain comments are “nofollow”, and the OP’s domain name has been disabled, so there won’t be any pingbacks from this.

    Incels celebrate death of 10-year-old girl in Toronto mass shooting: ‘Legit put a smile on my face’” This is why no one will sleep with them.

    EDIT: In case there has ever been any doubt, no, I do not have an obligation to waste my time providing a platform for green troll avatars who want to insult me, and to insult the intelligence of my devoted fans. For anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet, here is a semi-funny thread where some soccer moms discover them for the first time: https://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/life-504/family-other-relationships-50/1804258-mgtow-men-going-their-own-way-thoughts.html As for Green Troll Icon, there are plenty of other places to spew his hate. Or better yet, stop demonizing women and blaming women for all his problems and find something constructive to do with his life.

  3. Greetings. I am Ms. Desk’s Evil Twin, and I am in charge of the Gender Desk dungeon. Mua-ha-ha-ha.

    Mr. Nerdy MGTOW has submitted several essays for publication, mostly around the themes of “you are fascist, Hitler, Nazi” etc. These essays have been declined for publication at this time, as they are not within the scope of this blog. However, Mr. Nerdy MGTOW is invited to submit them elsewhere. Since r/incels is now banned, perhaps r/IncelTears may be interested.

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