Return of the incels

Police have released the names of the 10 people killed in the Toronto attack.

And the incel madness continues. David Futrelle joins this Twitter thread, now with 1.4K re-tweets.

Futrelle has a couple of recent pieces out, he has been following the craziness of the so-call men’s rights movement for years and is a natural to turn to for background on the subject.

There is also an interesting piece “When young men play the victim – and then take the lives of others” by Canadian Jamil Jivani.

Whatever details emerge, we know that playing the role of a victim is often at the root of the rage young men express as violence at this scale. The world has been unfair to them personally, these angry young men believe, or it has been unfair to others they identify with. One way or another, they say, their hometown or neighbourhood or rival gang deserves to suffer. Their moral compass allows for unspeakable acts because of the supposed injustices inflicted upon them or the moral corruption of everyone else.

If you have looked at any incel threads lately you will see the abbreviation ER.  It is not Emergency Room, but Elliot Rodger, the mass murderer from Isla Vista, California.

ER’s admirers on 4chan and Reddit celebrate “Saint Elliot Day” on May 23, the anniversary of his murder spree.

Oh joy.

The incel subreddit may have been closed down, but the incels have moved to r/Braincels, r9k on 4chan, and

Check this for their style of language, “fake news”, the c-bomb, etc.
threat against CBC

And they can’t get anyone to jump in bed with them? Imagine that.


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