Daily Mail blames cop’s shooting spree on his ex

An ex-cop is discovered to be a serial killer and rapist and The Daily Mail has already found someone to blame for it.  A woman who broke up with him 40 years earlier.

According to Daily Mail, she “sparked his rape and murder”, “broke his heart” (he has one?), and “may have spurred him on his decade-long murder and rape spree”.  It never occurs to them that being a psychotic killer might have been the cause of her leaving him, rather than the other way around. He is white and male and an ex-cop, the audience must be made to feel sympathy for him, and not his targets.

The incels’ logic is now being applied retroactively by British tabloids to decades old serial killer cases.  The van spree in Toronto only happened because of women, remember? How dare these women think they have the right to refuse any man.

They have printed her name and current location, a bazillion photos of her, and linked to her social media.  They also doxed her ex-husband accountant and his employer.  For some odd reason, she has gone into hiding.

The case started as a victory for the victims, and ended as yet another way to harass women.

And now people are starting to remember that in the 1930’s, the owner of the Daily Mail used to send expensive gifts to his ‘dear Fuhrer’.  Wonder what that one is about.


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