Deconstructing humor: Michelle Wolf at WHCD

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is an annual event, but this year it seems to be taking on a life of its own, complete with presidential tweets and much official indignation over the Sarah Huckabee Sanders “smokey eye” jokes, thus ensuring that the comments about Trump’s White House Press Secretary will be seen by an ever-widening audience.

So what is funny and why?  The most nuanced discussion of the dinner jokes so far is a deconstruction of the Michelle Wolf speech on Twitter, in a series of interlaced tweets that was retweeted by Katherine Maher, which is interesting in itself, given the number of speeches Maher delivers. This will explain the background of any joke references you didn’t get, as well as explaining how the delivery is set up, including the very very adult themes.

For those who are not used to Twitter, click on the image to see the Twitter thread, then be sure to click on the bottom of the final last comment to open a new set of comments.  More is promised for tomorrow, so you can check back for analysis of the last third of the speech.

[Note: the thread is now broken, maybe because the tweet has been pinned? But you can click through and pick up part 2 and now the part 3 ending is available. But already the news cycle has moved on.]


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