Noura rallyJust sentenced to death in Sudan, she has 15 days to appeal.

#justicefornouraThe MSM is starting to jump on the bandwagon, but three days ago an online magazine for Muslim women beat them to the scoop, and with much greater detail.

From Amaliah, and notice the anonymous byline:

A man she was forced to marry at the age of 16. She ran away to her aunts for refuge for three years, before being tricked by her father to return to her husband, telling her the wedding was cancelled and that she should come home. According to her testimony, she refused to consummate the marriage, resisting him for four days. This triggered her husband to spur his cousins to pin her down whilst he raped her. The next time he forced himself on her to rape her again, she stabbed him in self-defense, to which he died, as a result of the wounds.

…Zaynub Affinih who wrote about Noura’s case on Change.org said,

“Noura’s story is extraordinary because she killed her abuser, and that is what she is being faulted for in the court of law and public opinion.”

Quotes like these have circulated in the last few days,“She should have reasoned with him”, “she should have told her family”, “she should have gone to court, she should have found another way.”

“She’s guilty, it’s his right, she can’t refuse him”, “He’s not a man for getting his cousins to help….. he should have just drugged her”, “If you talking about, [she’s] his wife he can f*ck her daily if he wants, Allah said that.” One news article read, “Bride Kills Husband on Their Honeymoon […] She stabbed him repeatedly after he tried to take his religious right [حقه الشرعي] from her by force.”

“She didn’t choose to marry him, but her father chose for her, what can she do?” “Yes, he raped her, but she shouldn’t have killed him.” “Yes, he raped her, but she killed him in an inappropriate way.”


A description of today’s trial has been circulating in English.
#justice for noura trial descripton

This is the world the incels are demanding.


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