Trust and Safety job opening

James in 2011

Ah, poor James Alexander, the guy who gets all the blame for global bans aka SanFranBan aka pedo ban. It must be lonely at the top. But it looks like he may be getting some company soon.

There is an opening at the WMF for a “Trust and Safety Specialist” whatever that is. Maybe James is about to get some help, instead of having to depend on the motley, and sometimes creepy crew of volunteer admins and stewards. (See Kumioko unchained…by the most curious admin Ajraddatz)

Support and safety, in the Community Engagement empire

It’s pretty hard to tell what is going on with that group though. The staff pages are mired in templates so it’s hard to tell when people come and go, but let’s browse a bit.

And take screenshots.

The entire trust and safety group is part of the empire of Maggie Dennis, one of the few non-useless people in the Foundation. She holds the title of “Interim Chief of Community Engagement (Director, Support and Safety)”, a title she has held since approximately the Neolithic Age, although of course there is no longer a “support and safety” group, this particular empire having expanded and morphed beyond all expectation.

2016 staff photo

Who are these people?  What do they do?  Does anyone know?  That’s James Alexander on the right, perhaps he has lost a bit of weight and gotten a little cuter since 2011.

Jan Eissfeldt seems to have risen to the top of the pecking order, or perhaps he is just in a class by himself – it’s hard to tell.  You may remember he was the one who pulled the trigger on super-protect, although he seems to be mainly from the German Wikipedia.

Erik Moeller’s Superprotect was hugely unpopular, it made the new unstable Visual Editor mandatory, and resulted in an arbcom case that removed Moeller’s sysop tools so he could not implement the Superprotect himself.  But it looks like he found someone – a fellow German – who could understand the importance of following orders.

Christel Steigenberger is another deutsch wiki person, who quietly snuck in last July without fanfare, right before Wikimania.  Is this a man or a woman?  The men in this group have squinty black glasses frames and the women have squinty black glasses frames, long hair, and bright red lipstick, so what is going on here?  Is this a guy with a wig or a woman who couldn’t be bothered with lipstick, or None Of The Above?  I guess it doesn’t really matter, at least for most things, but as they say, curious minds want to know.

Kalliope Tsouroupidou is the one they trot out when they have to say “no” to something.  Did I never write about her?  There was the disastrous presentation on “Hosting inclusive Wikimedia events.” at the 2017 Diversity conference in Stockholm. I really can’t look at it again, but it ended in tears and I don’t know if Kalliope ever did post the promised list of “what the WMF is willing to do” or whatever it was.  Pretty sure she didn’t post her powerpoints. FWIW, here it is “Streamed live on Nov 5, 2017″:

She doesn’t seem to be making any friends, but on the other hand, she doesn’t seem to lose any sleep over it.

So is this job opening a Good Thing?   Hard to tell. WMF is fluid enough, their usual thing is to hire someone with a particular generic profile, then let them grow into whatever role they need at any given moment.


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