Women on boards

Women are using university boards, especially investment committees, to network and gain the experience they need to step into lucrative corporate board positions.

And how do women do on these boards?  Very well, thank you.

Fixed-income mutual funds run by women have outperformed funds run by men since 2003, but only 14 U.S. debt funds were managed exclusively by women as of September 2017, compared with 47 in 2004, according to Morningstar Inc…

The pattern holds in C-suites, too. Companies where women make up at least 15 percent of senior management report 50 percent higher profitability, according to Credit Suisse Group reports. Companies that are led by a female chief executive officer have better price-to-book value and higher return on equity, Credit Suisse says.

Wonder how lucrative the Wikimedia BoT positions? Just guessing here that they don’t pay for their own bus tickets.


2 thoughts on “Women on boards

  1. “Wonder how lucrative the Wikimedia BoT positions?” Well, we might find out if the WMF were to publish their IRS form 990. They shoud have filed it on the 15th of May, and they promised to put it online because they’re so commtted to transparency. But not a word. Probably they are afraid to reveal how much they paid Lila Tretikov to go away, but there may be something even more embarassing in it of course. Poltroons.

  2. It’s not going to be on the 990 (the trustees, that is, not Lila), they are only required to publish the top 5 or so, which will be Katherine plus some legal and tech people. Might be interesting though to see if their current general counsel is making as much as the guy who invented Godwin’s law.

    I don’t begrudge Lila whatever severance she got. Her career will probably never recover her stint with the WMF. Her tech credentials were fine, and she might have done all right if she had started as the top tech person and worked her way up to ED. But she was in way over her head, they just threw her to the wolves. Once she got rid of Moeller they had no further use for her.

    She is doing something now with blockchain and the global solar market in India, but nobody has bothered to update her Wikipedia article. https://www.itbusiness.ca/press-release/former-wikimedia-executive-director-lila-tretikov-to-present-in-toronto-at-aidecentralized-summit How soon they forget.

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