A knight in Serbia

At long last a Wikipedian has been knighted, so Rosiestep, of Women in Red, tweets from Serbia. So I guess that makes her Knight Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight.

Her Wikipedia article has already been updated.

Order of St. Sava

“Stephenson-Goodnight was elevated by Deputy Serbian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić to a “Knight of Saint Sava Pacifism” (Vitez svetosavskog pacifizma) for her work on Wikipedia to preserve the memory of Serbs in the “hundred years since the Great War”. Mention was specifically made of her contribution towards preserving the memory of the Serbian military officer and Jewish community leader, her grandfather David Albala.

According to the Bosnian-language press,

“Laureati “„Za sto godina Velikog rata“” su dr Ivana Lučić, potomak vojvode Stepe Stepanovića, dr Slobodanka Grković potomak Milunke Savić, prve žene vojnika u Velikom ratu, prof. Rouz Gojić Stivenson-Gudnajt, potpredsednik Vikimedije, potomak dr Davida Albale.

Laureates “For a hundred years of the Great War?” are Dr. Ivana Lučić, the descendant of Vojvoda Stepa Stepanović, Dr. Slobodanka Grković descendant of Milunka Savić, the first woman in the Great War, prof. Rouz Gojić Stivenson-Gudnajt, Vice President of Wikimedia, the descendant of Dr. David Albale.

Sure enough, she wrote an article about her grandfather: “Under his influence, Serbia became the first country in the world to openly endorse the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. ”


3 thoughts on “A knight in Serbia

  1. Being knighted for writing an article about your grandfather — totally not a Conflict of Interest at all …

  2. I don’t think she’s a professor either, much less the “Vice President of Wikimedia”. She supposedly has something like an HR background, although of course she was named co-Wikipedian of the Year for co-founding the Women in Red project.

    She is also literally the “last women standing” after the arbcom drove off all the women academics and professionals with their “ban all the women” cases.

  3. Looking at the article again, I don’t think they have got the translation right. The Bosnian-language article about the ceremony only mentions that she is the descendant of David Albale, although they do seem to think she works for WMF. Two other individuals are also honored for being descendants: Ivana Lučić, the descendant of Vojvoda Stepa Stepanović and Slobodanka Grković descendant of Milunka Savić. It looks Rosie’s grandmother Paulina Lebl-Albala was notable as well, for being president of the Association of University-Educated Women. Rosie also wrote the article about her grandmother, but of course they only mention the grandfather.

    It will be interesting to see how this is covered by the Signpost and the Wikimedia blog, if they cover it at all.

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