Illinois passes ERA

Two hours ago, Illinois became the 37th state to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. One more state is needed. This is what it looked like.

The Chicago Tribune has details.

If anyone is counting, here are the vote tallies. 45 out of 51 Republican representatives voted against. The senate vote was slightly earlier.  For diehards, the hashtag is #twill

And now here is a bonus, a 1931 vintage gangland map of Capone’s Chicago that is being auctioned off in London. Let the buyer beware – according to a university professor who is a Chicago gangland expert, the info on the map may not be accurate. Also, Chicago doesn’t really appreciate this kind of negative gangland PR, so if you have anything to do with this map you might want to stay anonymous.

So here’s a thought. Right now Wikipedia can discriminate against volunteers, but not employees. If the Equal Rights Amendment were to pass, would they have to have to enact “hostile workplace” provisions for the volunteers?


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