Tony Clusterfuckeroni

What does this even mean?

“…only going one deep in the category tree is going to be a clusterfuck and actively increase disruption…”

I give up trying to read these pages.

This is just so jarring.

Kind of ironic that this comment is on the COMMUNITY HEATH TALK PAGE.

Where are the grownups?


4 thoughts on “Tony Clusterfuckeroni

  1. Since you ask. It appears to be a discussion about the design of the user interface on a software tool intended to block users from certain subsets of pages or categories. Since categories form a tree-like structure, the question is raised as to whether being blocked from a category should necessarily imply a block from all subcategories, or only those which lie immediately underneath. Ballioni believes that the latter is a bad idea and chooses a ludicrously inflated way of saying so.

    Since the category structure was designed by amateurs who have no knowledge of modern notions of ontology, and is bizarrely inconsistent in its structure and application, and is incompatible with any notion of useful search tools, so that it is of minimal utility anyway, anything that is designed to cope with the existing undigested mess will be an equally undigested mess, and will make the existing mess even more messy.

  2. This isn’t a healthy community, it’s a Silicon Valley based organization with all that entails. Silicon Valley culture makes money on porn, and lionized a man who named a computer after his daughter but still kept resisting publicly acknowledging his daughter was his own. The fact that a community health page is NSFW tells you who’s not really welcome in this community– ordinary working people, who have to keep up some sort of personal standards in order to keep their jobs.

  3. Oh wow, deadbeats and freeloaders. His baby mama “… was on welfare and cleaning houses to earn money. She would sometimes ask Jobs for money but he always refused…. Apple executives ‘advised him to ignore me or fight if I tried to go after a paternity settlement’.”

    In the meantime oddball stuff like this draft: “Requests for comment/Question to admins: do you want to be financially supported by a community?” turns up in odd corners.

    What is the answer, can we get a union?

    Do we have any rights?

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