Alyssa Milano takes ERA to Capitol Hill

With last week’s action by the state of Illinois, the Equal Rights Amendment is now only one state away from ratification. Actress Alyssa Milano participated in a “shadow hearing” in the U.S. capitol.

The ERA was first introduced in 1923, and every session thereafter, and ratified in 1972.  Does anyone think it might be finished in less than a hundred years?

Eleanor Smeal (in light green jacket)

The hearing was organized by Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney from NY, who has tried to reintroduce the ERA 11 times, and Jackie Speier, from San Francisco who is introducing the current bill. with co-sponsors David N. Cicilline (RI) and Lisa Blunt Rochester (Delaware). Witnesses: Alyssa Milano, Carol Robles-Román, Carol Jenkins, Jessica Lenahan.

And Eleanor Smeal, ERA icon from a few decades ago,  is in the audience, Jackie Speier picks up on it and gives her a shout-out.

The entire 90-minute hearing is here. The following is more of a publicity short:

Some 94% of Americans support this amendment. Who does not? Ha ha, the NRA, that’s who, along with some Russian bots:

According to this, the remaining states are Alabama, AZ, AK, FL, GA, IL ratified May 30), Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada (passed in March), NC, Oklahoma, SC, Utah, and Virginia.

Virginia anyone? I’m definitely looking at Virginia.


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