Ireland’s shameful record on abortion rights

The struggle for abortion rights in Ireland is not over.

The decisive vote for repeal in the Republic’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment to its Constitution sent a seismic jolt through Northern Ireland, where abortion remains illegal in almost all cases. It has intensified public conversation about the issue, inspiring pro-choice activists to renew their demands for a change in the law.

I’m just going to take a photograph of Savita Halappanava and put it right here.

Savita died of septic miscarriage in an Irish hospital, because The Patriarchy™ decided it knew what was best for her and refused to let her have the abortion that could have saved her life.

You hear that Black Lives Matter, that Blue Lives Matter, and that All Lives Matter, but in Ireland, the life of someone like Savita does not matter, only the ability of a male-dominated system to force its own authoritarian will on someone it does not even know..

Her husband Praveen moved to the U.S. after getting hate mail.  Can you even imagine?

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