The New York Brad AfD

For anyone who has been living under a rock, New York Brad now has a Wikipedia article.  And predictably, it has now been nominated for deletion.

If it survives the deletion discussion  — and I think we can all agree up front that this will be closed “no consensus keep”– it will stand until the heat death of the universe, or until such time as NYB  has something negative printed about him in a reliable source, in which case it will be disappeared in a heartbeat.

My position is that anyone who googles this guy should be able to find him.  That’s what Wikipedia is about, right?  It’s about the reader, and providing them with the information they are looking for.

This guy has been phoning it in for a long time, and only emerges to bloviate to the press once in a while when the Foundation needs some good, but not reliable, press. So yeah, people should be able to find out who he is without a crystal ball.

So my question is this: what is “The Journal of In-Chambers Practice”?  It is supposed to be a law journal and NYB is supposed to be the editor, but what is it?  Has anyone ever heard of it?

It’s not listed in World Cat, but do they list journals?

The journal itself is here, in PDF form:

It is listed in HeinOnline, but behind a paywall.

Where is Headbomb aka Gaëtan Landry when you need him? Isn’t he Wikipedia’s resident expert on journals?  He is brave enough when he is trying to delete women —  remember Attack on women philosophers? — but where is he now?

[Hmm, just in case it does get deleted….and what’s that bizarre chart of “people” that includes Magnus Manske and Eric Mo:ller, but not Dame Rosie and Emily Temple-Wood]

Ira Brad Matetsky

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Ira Brad Matetsky
Ira Matetsky in 2015

Ira Matetsky at WikiConference USA 2015
Born New York City, New York
Nationality American
Other names Newyorkbrad
Occupation Lawyer

Ira Brad Matetsky (b. 1962)[1] is an American lawyer and Wikipedian.

Matetsky has practiced law since 1987, and has been a partner at Ganfer & Shore, a New York City business litigation and real estate law firm, since 2004, working in both their litigation practice group and their cooperative and condominium housing practice group. Before joining Ganfer & Shore, he was a litigation attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, after which he served as co-general counsel at Goya Foods, Inc. He is the editor-in-chief of the The Journal of In-Chambers Practice[2][3] and an editor of the Green Bag Almanac & Reader.[4][5] He has been cited as a legal expert by media sources including CNBC, Vanity Fair, and The Washington Post.[6][7][8][9] He has been a guest blogger for Eugene Volokh‘s blog the Volokh Conspiracy.[10] Among the clients he has represented while working at Ganfer & Shore is Morris Talansky, on whose behalf he filed a suit against the Israeli satellite company ImageSat International in 2007.[11] The suit was dismissed the following year.[12]

On Wikipedia, he is known by his username Newyorkbrad, and is a member of the site’s Arbitration Committee.[13][14] He began editing Wikipedia in 2005, on the same day that United States Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist died, as he noticed and corrected a factual error on Rehnquist’s Wikipedia page. He served on the English Wikipedia‘s Arbitration Committee from 2008 to 2014, and rejoined it in 2017,[15] making him the Committee’s longest-serving member.[16]

As of 2016, Matetsky also serves as the “werowance” (or president) of the Wolfe Pack, an organization of fans of Rex Stout‘s most famous fictional detective, Nero Wolfe.[17][18] In 2015, Matetsky edited The Last Drive and Other Stories, a collection of Stout’s earliest published work.[19]




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2 thoughts on “The New York Brad AfD

  1. Okay, working backwards, HeinOnline has a Wikipedia article, it is apparently just a repository of scanned articles in PDF format, similar to Lexus Nexus and Westlaw, but without their level of notations and summaries. I can get access to all of the above, but at this point it doesn’t look like a very promising line of inquiry.

    The Green Bag, of bobblehead fame, also has an article:

    The two articles that reference the journal, besides the NYB article and his user page are Circuit split and Jotwell

    Circuit split: the journal was introduced here:

    see also Tom Cummins & Adam Aft, Appellate Review, 2 J.L.: Periodical Laboratory of Leg. Scholarship 59, 60 (2012) (discussing definition of the term “circuit split”)

    by User:Notecardforfree

    And the link to the PDF added by the same user here

    Jotwell: a link to the journal was added in two places by IP edit “” resolves to Miami Tsk, they also edited University of Miami School of Law

    I am wondering how a bobblehead NYB doll would go over, but this might be beyond even my skilz.

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