What new devilry is this?…more New York Brad

Look what has washed up on the shores of the great sea of internet algorithms.

New York Brad video with CNBC network in November 2017.

New York Brad video with television CNBC  in August 2017

New York Brad as “Werowance, Ira Brad Matetsky” with Rex Stout’s daughter, identified only as “Rebecca” at a Wolfe Pack gala.
A “werowance” is an Indian chief of Virginia or Maryland. Pocahontas was the daughter of an Algonquin wereowance. Funny, NYB doesn’t look Native American at all.

New York Brad with his law firm Ganfer & Shore, in sponsored content, an “advertorial” from New York Times Magazine 2014. Not quite a sausagefest, but lily white.

According to this profile of “New York Attorney Ira B. Matetsky, Esq.”  ESQ.??? …he is the recipient of the President’s Pro Bono Service Award, New York State Bar Association.
Sure enough, 1991, Ira Matetsky, 1st Judicial District. An awful lot of lawyers on this list though, does this confer “notability” on all of them?

So what about this “New York American Inn of Court”?

“The mission of the American Inns of Court is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility and legal skills.”

Okay. And…

Annual dues defray the Inn’s operating expenses, including the cost of drinks …

LOL and he puts that on his profile???

Oh my, his stepmother Amanda Matetsky is also a member of the Wolfe bunch, not to mention the author of the Paige Turner Mystery book series.
Here is her personal blog, complete with a photo of “My brilliant stepson, Ira”. http://www.amandamatetsky.com/photo.html

And Amanda’s husband Harry?  Might this be Harry Matetsky, author of The adventures of Superman collecting? Here he is on ABE Books.  Ganfer & Shore has defended Stan Lee, no?

Ah, and his mother was Rae M. Frank, d May 2017, survived by her (second?) husband Joel Frank. Paid death notice NYT, RIP, nice of his law partners to do that.  A quieter obit at Bloomfield-Cooper Jewish Chapels, Ocean, NJ: Rae Frank March 18, 1937 – May 16, 2017

New York Brad as “tiger of the week“.

Go Tigers.


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