Ira Matetsky and Cynthia Rapp – the internet tosses up more nuggets

The deletion discussion continues for the Ira Matetsky article.  Also, is Cynthia Rapp, the original creator of Matetsky’s law journal, and the probable source of Supreme Court insider information for its continued publication, more Notable than NYB? Inquiring minds want to know.

More sea-drift from the ever-shifting sands of the google algorithm tide:

  • An interview with Ira Matetsky as the Werowance of Wolfe Pack, the Rex Stout fan club, in which we find out that “‘Werowance’ was reportedly a title used by the chiefs of some American Indian tribes, and it is a title or nickname by which Nero Wolfe’s assistant, Archie Goodwin, addresses Mr. Wolfe in one of the greatest of Rex Stout’s detective novels, TOO MANY COOKS (1938).”  So not a straightforward case of cultural appropriation. Also, NYB prefers hard copies to e-books, which makes me think “Keep per IAR” would be a good close–GNG is only a guideline after all.

So, what about WP:AUTHOR? Is NYB notable for his books?

So what about Cynthia Rapp, are we anywhere closer to notability for her, or are people just not salivating for it quite as much?

Unlike NYB, Cynthia Rapp actually has a newspaper piece about her, not just citing her.  In the deletion discussion, Tony Ballioni gets really anal about “coverage”, but he is correct, the article is not “coverage” of NYB, it is “coverage” of Wikipedia, that just happens to cite NYB as a knowledgeable insider. In other words, NYB is a frequent spokesperson for Wikipedia, which does not translate to notability, even though it is in a reliable source.  Or does it? Sean Spicer has an article. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has one.  Even Anthony Scaramucci gets one.  Why shouldn’t Wikipedia’s main press secretary and apologist get one?

Back to Cynthia Rapp.

Bonus!! CV for Cynthia’s and Ira’s co-author Ross E. Davies

The following is Rapp,Cynthia, “Volunteer Legal Services and Government and Public Sector Attorneys.” Vol. 2, No. 1-2, Summer 1994, the entire PDF file is at the end


Download PDF file of above: CynthiaRappVolunteerLegal


More Cynthia Rapp


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