Southern Baptists and #MeToo

The Southern Baptist Convention has a reputation for being the most powerful church in the U.S.  It also has a reputation for never having renounced slavery as other churches did when they reunited after the Civil War.

While the politer “Mainstream Protestant” demonstrations in the north renounced slavery, came to terms with evolution, focused on the ecumenical movement, and formed “reconciling congregations” to comes to terms with the LGBT movement, the southern Baptists remained a “literalist” denomination, believing that every word of the Bible is literally true, and not just literature written by the theologians of the day that has been timeless enough to survive the centuries.

And when manufacturing fled the north, for the lower wages and lack of unions in the south, the people who followed the jobs found a ready-made religious infrastructure in the Southern Baptist church.  As the science-based churches of the north waned, the anti-abolitionist churches of the south gained new strength.  And in a reversal from past evangelicals, who believed the “church” should stay away from the corrupting influences of the “world”, the denomination now decided  to throw their weight to the Republican Party.

Until now.

Women are picketing the convention, after a number of sex scandals, and a moderate leader has been elected who promises to lead them away from politics.

Change gonna come.


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