Christine Jax deletion discussion

Jesse Ventura

The article Christine Jax has been nominated for deletion. Jax was commissioner of Minnesota’s Department of Education, having been appointed by one of Minnesota’s more colorful governors, Jesse Ventura, of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fame.

The article was recreated in 2016 as a redirect to Digital Media Arts College, after being deleted twice, once by Ritchie 333 who noted that she might be notable but the article was too promotional and needed a rewrite (so it should have been tagged instead of deleted), and once by RickinBaltimore who did not find her notable at all. Both then recreated the article as a redirect.

christine jax commissioner educationIt came to the attention of the deletionists again after someone from her job started editing it, no doubt as part of a larger effort to clean up their institution’s online footprint, and as noobs frequently do, neglected to make a declaration of their conflict of interest.

Surely she must be at least as notable as Cheri Yecke, who used her own tenure in that office to promote creationism.

This raises yet again the question of when a politician is “notable”. Some think anyone who runs for office should be temporarily “notable”.

Jesse Ventura philosophy

The links to notability guidelines for politicians are hard to find, for example the page for WP:notable does not list politicians in the sidebar.  It does however list “people”, along with academics and athletes.  While some might argue that politicians are technically not human enough to be labeled as “people”, it is indeed under Wikipedia:Notability (people) that one finds WP:POLITICIAN.

I would be very surprised indeed if the deletionists knew how to find these links, and even more surprised if they had carried out a basic search for sources before nominating it for deletion.  But as they say, AfD tends to be where article cleanup happens.

UPDATE: Closed as “keep” by the ever-predicable Sandstein, but of course it’s still encrusted with soul-crushing templates, in spite of having been cleaned up and declared “notable”.


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