Ira Matetsky is now a Thing

NewyorkbradI hate to say “I told you so” but….

Right on schedule, the deletion discussion for User:Newyorbrad‘s article Ira Brad Matetsky has now predictably been closed by the gloriously predictable Sandstein as “no consensus keep”.

From here on out, Matetsky’s identity will no longer be shrouded in mystery.


8 thoughts on “Ira Matetsky is now a Thing

        1. I’m saying wikicrazies prefer not pointing out he’s a veteran, expert attorney whose commentary has even been sought by the MSM. And I call him Brad because that’s the name he chose for Wikipedia and I don’t know him in real life. It’s just being respectful.

          1. “Veteran”? “Expert”? He’s a slick New York lawyer, a real estate lawyer.

            They are devoted to him. They want to lick his toes.

            His user name is actually “Newyorkbrad”, not Brad. Brad is his middle name IRL. Using someone’s middle name strikes me as a bit too familiar or intimate, like referring to Yosemite Sam as just “Sam” or the Tasmanian Devil as “Devil”, but I’m not sure if he has ever weighed on what nickname he wants to be called on Wikipedia, so YMMV.

            NYB is sought out for his knowledge of Wikipedia and his willingness to shill for it. No doubt he and his law firm profit immensely from the free promotion.

            Kind of funny to have the word “respectful” and “Wikipedia” sharing the same paragraph. If this was about women and not some privileged white dude, it would be labeled as “political correctness” and determined to be something bad.

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