Ira Matetsky’s article edited by his business partner

WikNYC_Picnic_2_-_Newyorkbrad - ira brad matetskyThe user who edited out the “Ganfer & Shore” link in Ira “Newyorkbrad” Matetsky’s Wikipedia article has now been identified as a business associate of Matetsky.

User: mdfalco has just confirmed that he is none other than Ross E. Davies, Newyorkbrad’s co-editor at “The Journal of In-Chambers Practice”. (See “Ira Brad Matetsky’s law journal was started by….a woman.”)

Davies’ user page modestly states “I am an inexperienced amateur with good intentions and not much else going for me.” Nice try, but in fact he is a full-time professor of law at Antonin Scalia Law School and makes upwards of $167,705 per year.


This is the image he uploaded for the article “The Field Bazaar”, with the words “photo by Ross E Davis” clearly  in the file name.Wikipedia Photo by Ross E Davies

Here is the licensing info for the photo.  He filled in these fields in response to a message on his talk page to provide copyright information.

Ross E Davies photo upload info

This is the actual edit by “Mdfalco”, claiming the photo is his own and that he owns the rights to the photo as “Ross E. Davies”. [archived link]

Ross E Davies diff

And ooh, he has been busy on the 4th of July weekend, the article now has 7 references to his own publication, Green Bag Press, including a reference that cites his own work directly.

shameless self promotion

We will find out soon enough if COI disclosure applies to everyone, including the business partners of arbitration committee members, or if Wikipedia is indeed a private club for established Wikipedians and their friends.

In trying to find out why Davies’ article suddenly has so many incoming links, I also discovered this edit [archived], quietly adding Davies’ article to an obscure template, that is used by multiple other articles, by none other than Ira Matetsky.

Is there any doubt whether NYB already knows the identity of this user and is helping his own friends evade WP:COI?


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