Everipedia: the pay-to-play encyclopedia

Everipedia founders left to right, Mahbod Moghadam, George Beall, Travis Moore, and Sam Kazemian

Someone who claims to be from Everipedia has been making the rounds of the Wikipedia criticism sites trying to drum up business for a new encyclopedia. No one has yet been able to figure out their angle.

On Wikipedia Sucks, for example, they claim that “Wikipedia sucks but Everipedia doesn’t – it pays you!” But there is an old saying that “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”. I will explain more.

But first allow me to introduce myself.

I am Gender Desk’s Evil Twin.  Genderdesk has a number of twins, but as far as I know, I am the only Evil one.

Actually am not all that evil, because I am also lazy busy doing Stuff, and don’t have time to accomplish even a fraction of the Evil I have in mind.

I first appeared here during the Rogol spam crisis (see Renée is the new Rogol), basically because Gender Desk wanted to go to the beach or picnic or whatever, and Rogol was being interminably boring.  At the time I awarded myself the title Chargée d’Merde, after Anna Stillwell, Wikimedia’s Chargée d’Affaire, who was in charge of responding to Rogol’s endless and intentional spam on the Wikimedia mailing list.

Anna Stillwell thought she had to be nice to Rogol.  But unlike Stillwell, who had unlimited access to the C-suite and a salary to match, I am an unpaid volunteer, so I just put Rogol in the dungeon, went to the beach, and had such a lovely time that I completely forgot to let him out again.

So the other day I felt a Disturbance in the Force and sure enough, some guy named Paul Bedson from something called Everipedia was saying nasty things about me here (see “I am now a reliable source for Everipedia“). So I have abandoned my nice quiet comfort zone and come out of hiding to respond.

Paul: “I had visions that you were a war room of analysts with big screens, tracking Wikipedia, like battleships.”

A: Yeah that’s pretty much how we do it, except we prefer small screens because you can get more of them in one war room.

The Gender Desk war room.

Paul: “…so your evil twin can’t escape again.”

A: Uh, no. I have the keys. Usually other people want to escape from *me*.

Paul (at another place): This means that you can create articles that can’t be blocked in China or Turkey, etc.

A: To quote the Jimbo, “utter fucking bullshit”. That’s not how IP works.

Also noted:

  • The article on Drmies is hilarious “https://everipedia.org/wiki/michael-aajj/ Presumably Professor Aaij is free to cruise by and write his own article, spelled correctly, for a nominal fee.
  • Snob appeal: you have to be “invited”. Note that you have to do it through their Telegram “social network”. From the FAQ everipedia(DOT)org/wiki/everipedia-faq/
  • Instant friendz. Hang out with the Kool Kidz.  Or is it? Looking at his YouTube channel, Paul “Crypto Dunker” seems to be more of a shill for a range of products and invented words, Everipedia is just the end use for the blockchain one.  So once they have your money, maybe you don’t get to hang out with him after all. [Note: this does not seem to be Paul after all, it was only added to the FAQ by Paul.]
  • Is it free? It is free to read.   If you want to log in, you can buy $20 worth of cryptocurrency.
  • The 20 bucks will only get you a random user name, but once you have that, you can ask for a username of your choice.  No word on bulk discounts for socks.
  • And a tutorial on their markup. The dashboard is pretty intuitive, similar to WordPress, but much simpler. But note that the edits are not instantaneous, they have to be approved by someone before they go live. Even this Paul guy can only make 15 or 20 edits before someone in the back room checks up on him.

So basically that’s it.  You pay them in real money, presumably with credit card that reveals your identity, and they pay you even more in cryptocurrency, some time in the future, when they figure out how to do it. What could possibly go wrong?

All the dudes from the Wikipedia criticism sites are probably all rushing over there right now to make articles about their grandkids’ garage bands so they don’t have to use Jimbo’s Wikia.

Next time: the Everipedia Gender Gap

[Since Renee has commented on this before, I would invite him to step back, take a little vacation, and give someone else a chance for a while.  Sorry to mention this publicly, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to have left an email address.]


It looks like Paul is this dude and not the YouTube guy. His Twitter is here.
Paul Bedson

11 thoughts on “Everipedia: the pay-to-play encyclopedia

  1. Reinhard. Rudyard. Ronald. Rod. And so on, Redmond, Reed, Reginald, Roald, Ruud, Roland, Rutherford, Rognvald, Roibéard, and Reid.

    And here “Renee” provides the quotation that identifies the origin of the Rogol reference. “…lore of all ages, secrets of fire and light, gravity and countergravity, the knowledge of superphysic numeration, metathasm, corolopsis”


    “To the furthest reach of my memory, Rogol Domdonfors ruled the city….” Tales of the Dying Earth, Jack Vance, 1964.

    Do you know something I don’t know?

    1. I don’t know anything, Renée is just a very distinctly feminine name and I was surprised to see you assume the user is identifies as male. (Now I see why :p)

  2. I keep forgetting you speak French. It’s probably only “very distinctly feminine” to Francophones, I’ve never heard of it before, I doubt if Rogol/Renee speaks French although who knows, you used to see a lot of French phrases in British literature. Perhaps the British used to spend winters in France, although somehow I had the distinct impression they hate each other.

  3. I have no idea what “le must” might be, as far as I know, “must” has something to do with crushed grapes. According to this, “the Britons rarely went native”, Kipling said pretty much the same thing. Okay, someone who knows French has emailed me and basically if I understand correctly, this means the British do not know French at all, so the feminized name was probably accidental. And now I am remembering the Dorothy Sayers/ Lord Peter Wimsey series, and how much Latin there was in it. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/france/cote-d-azur/articles/Britains-150-year-love-affair-with-the-Cote-dAzur/

  4. Hello again. I’m sorry if you interpreted my last message as “nasty” in any way. I was only having a joke that I hoped would be in line with your humour here.

    You’re welcome to join the telegram channel. You can request an account from the website but it’s easier to chat. I’m finding your feedback quite useful but dn’t check here often. I fixed Michael Aaij, thanks for noticing the typo. https://everipedia.org/wiki/michael-aaij/

    Sorry if my FAQ is a bit of a mess at the moment too. It is complicated this crypto-stuff and my first attempt, but happy to help in the telegram channel with further advice https://t.me/everipedia. You don’t pay Everipedia anything, you buy your own EOS and IQ as an investment and the cost of entry at the start will be low and likely high earning potential by mining by writing.

    Because in the future you’ll need to:

    1) Sign up for one or more exchanges account
    2) Buy BTC or ETH
    3) Convert to EOS
    4) Set up EOS account and Scatter
    5) Convert some EOS into IQ
    6) Convert IQ into BP

    To edit if you want to get paid.

  5. Look, you can’t fix typos here! You can do a diary on Everipedia instead if you want and people could comment on it there.

    …and you get paid.

    Incidentally, if you’re next article is about the Gender Gap on Everipedia, you can help come correct that. We’re running a project on women in cryptocurrency that you’d be welcome to contribute to. 🙂

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Paul. If you want any typos corrected you can either email me or leave a comment and I can edit your typo and delete the comment. Don’t worry about my Evil Twin; she was amused and wanted to play along with your joke.

    So you don’t “pay” Everipedia, you “invest”. And then get paid later, after they figure out the details. What if I didn’t want to get paid, but just write articles. Maybe I have a client who will pay, or maybe I have a favorite conspiracy theory, or an enemy on another platform, or maybe I am an activist. Can I just write, without signing up for the cryptocurrency mining thing? It’s becoming sort of controversial. https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/07/27/google-bans-cryptocurrency-miners/

    As far as journaling or blogging, I don’t see any advantage to using the Everipedia software. Journaling requires privacy and security and there are plenty of apps for it. See for instance https://lifehacker.com/why-you-should-keep-a-journal-and-how-to-start-yours-1547057185 Blogging is totally different; at the end of the article there are some links about blogging platforms, but the easiest way to understand it is to see for yourself. You can sign up for a free WordPress blog here and just play with the different text editors, widgets, and so forth. https://wordpress.com/start/about?ref=wplogin Free blogs are monetized through ads at the end of the blog posts. The Everipedia software is tailor made for encyclopedia entries, and IMO is much superior to the Wikimedia stuff, at least for new or casual users who do not want to invest a lot of time in learning a system.

    It would be difficult to do an article on the Gender Gap on Everipedia at the moment, since Everipedia requires sources, and there is nothing available now, not even a back-alley blog post filled with sarcasm and innuendo, much less the type of research that was available for the article on Wikipedia Gender Gap. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_bias_on_Wikipedia Myself or my Evil Twin may write a blog post on the subject sometime in the future however, and although it will no doubt be lacking in the academic rigor required for Wikipedia, it may be suited to Everipedia. You may not want to use it though, as it will likely contain some snark, as is our custom here.

  7. Everipedia requires sources, but allows all sources. For example I could write an article on Genderdesk sourced to this wordpress site, or to my own tweet, and that’s ok.

    Using Everipedia is much like using facebook, only to get on the blockchain you need photo ID and a credit card, so not really like facebook.

    Maybe this will keep down the trolls and socks, who knows.

    Currently I am able to edit without being on the blockchain, but this is going to be removed as a feature soon. I did (for £8) register on the blockchain, and it’s complicated and needlessly difficult.

    Apparently it will be made easier.

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