Cornish language resources

This is a work in progress. Since it seems to be Cornish Week, might as well have all the links at hand.

Dictionaries and translation tools

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Dictionaries and glossaries
  • Bock, et al, “An English – Cornish Glossary in the Standard Written Form”,  2010.  (PDF) “under construction”: English-Cornish dictionary [PDF]
  • Jago, An English-Cornish dictionary,  1887. (
  • Lhuyd, Geirlyer Kyrnẁeig  or Llanstephan MS 84, 1702. A  Cornish glossary with corresponding meanings in English, “one of the few studies of the language that were undertaken while it was still a living language”. The National Library of Wales.
  • Pryce, Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica; Or, An Essay to Preserve the Ancient Cornish Language, with mining and place names, 1790.  According to Jago, also contains the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, proverbs, mottoes, rhymes, songs, marriage certificate, advice to drunkards, etc. Google free Hathi Trust.
  • Williams, Lexicon Cornu-britannicum: A Dictionary of the Ancient Celtic Language of Cornwall, 1865. With synonyms in “Welsh, Armoric, Irish, Gaelic, And Manx. Google free e-book.
  • Zeuss, Johann Kaspar, Grammatica celtica, Volume 2, 1853. Cornish-Latin glossary from a 12th century manuscript.  Google free
  • Jenner, Henry, A Handbook of the Cornish Language: Chiefly in Its Latest Stages, with Some Account of its History and Literature, 1907.  Google free E-books.
  • Norris, Edwin, Sketch of Cornish Grammar, 1859. Ancient Cornish Drama, the Cornish language manuscript from the Middle Ages known as the ‘three plays of the Ordinalia’ has a grammar section in the second volume of the 2-volume set (Vol.1 ) (Vol.2)


Composers and musicians



  • Yarg cheese with nettles



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