Free book: Sarah Jeong

Obviously taken out of context and the work of red-pillers, or something like that…(Note: see Snopes)

Sarah Jeong‘s 2015 book, the Internet of Garbage has been republished online for free.

And so the rehabilitation of her reputation begins.  The book links will be more recent than the white-bashing links, and will slowly take up the first page of a google search.

And why not.  The internet is busy trying to rehabilitate all the #metoo dudes, poor fellas, kept from making buckets of money just because they sexually assaulted multiple women and destroyed their lives and their careers.  The price of Jeong’s rehabilitation is that no one ever again gets to bash White People just for being white, and expect to have a career afterwards.  The line has been drawn, and the payoff is Jeong’s presence at the NYT.  She didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t rape anyone, she didn’t even grab anyone by the pussy, as they like to say in our American White House, much less any other unprintable body part.  Why not.  Sure, I won’t be able to eat in Asian restaurants any more, but we can always hope for a taco truck on every corner, or failing that, move to Canada.

So here is the book, first chapter at her old employer, The Verge, the rest is download PDF or Epub or mobi or Amazon Kindle for 99¢ (the minimum price).

My review of chapter 3, printed in the Verge:  this is basically Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as explained by Ann Landers complete with snappy comebacks, and just a bit dated. It’s also free, just like The Prisoner was re-released free just before the …what was it … Patrick McGoohan…something something….. No doubt there is a sequel in the works which will give her some added SEO juice.

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