Is Reddit down?

This has been a bad week for Wikipedia criticism sites.

First Barbour, over at goes down, then turns up safe and sound.

Now it is Wiki In Action over at Reddit.

Wiki In Action used to be a gamergate site, affiliated with Kotuku in Action, but as gamergate became unfashionable, it changed to generic Wikipedia criticism.  For a while it was mobbed by The Dark Knight and others after the demise of the defunct proboards Wikipedia criticism sites — proboards is fairly sensitive to dox.  Then it was mobbed by the India against Corruption crowd, that started out against rape culture, which in India is really horrible, but they quickly morphed into their own form of weirdness. For a while, Kohs and Vigilant were cross-posting at WiA to try to drive gamergate traffic to the floundering Wikipediocracy, but now WiA is mostly derelict.

Looks like I am not the only one.

reddit down detector reddit outage map

This it too big for IAC, it has to be something else. Hmm, no outage reports from Russia…

UPDATE: Was up for a while now down again.
LOL, Reddit is on Twitter.
reddit status@redditstatus
reddit on twitter screenshot


4 thoughts on “Is Reddit down?

  1. How odd. They have even kept the old “Friendly/Related Subreddits” list.

    I missed the sheep thing, have only heard it applied to Kiwis (NZ). Seems like a mod problem, or maybe a rules problem, you will always have immature people, moreso on Reddit. I thought NVLibrarian was doing fairly well with the mod thing.

    I see you have branched out into comments about Everipedia and Rationalwiki, have always wondered about David Gerard, not sure it they’re related to Guerrilla Skepticism and/or SlimVirgin. Have been hearing stories about cryptocurrency and white supremacists, now that they are kicked off of PayPal and such.

    1. I was half joking, they were only down for maybe two hours at a time, and a few hours apart, so half of the globe was probably asleep at the time, but I didn’t take time to work out the time zones. Also the site is in English and the only responses were from countries with English-speaking populations.

      I do get a lot of spam from Russia, that was the reason I had to take down the “like” buttons for a while. I don’t remember ever seeing anything from Iran.

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