Online gender event Tuesday

Gender_gap_mapping_-_Projects_addressing_the_gender_gap_by_languageI have just started wading through the glossy charts and maps on the newly released “Gender Diversity Mapping Project” (on Wikimedia blog) and realized an online chat event for tomorrow has just been added to the report.

This blog post has been updated to add the upcoming community event on 9 October 2018.

The time of the event is 15:55 UTC, which is 5 minutes to 4 UTC, or 11:55 am EDT in New York or 8:55 AM EPT San Fran time. (Daylight time ends November 4 in the U.S.) Event is now online here.

A “visualization”

At the risk of attracting all the assorted weirdos and control freaks on Sucks and Wikipediocrazy who refer to women as “gender bitches” and gloat over intimidating women with rapey talk about vulgar words for genitalia, I am posting the links here. The project so far seems narrowly tailored to lesbian women, but I believe it needs a wider awareness.

So, any advice?  Should I join in?  If so, what name should I use?  Genderdesk?  A name associated with a user name?  A new completely anonymous name?

There seems to be an option to join by voice.  Should I try to use the Blue Jeans software or the Youtube?  Is there some way to change your voice so it is not recognizable?  Should I try to record this if they are not recording it themselves?  How?

Are there any specific questions that need to be asked? (They want you to start out by telling them why you think they’re important.)

I am pasting the whole page below for convenience.

What are the most pressing issues currently facing the Wikimedia movement with respect to advancing gender equity? What strategies are effective for closing the gender gap in content and contributors? What work has already been done?

Join us for a virtual community event on October 9 to hear how 65 prominent leaders of gender equity projects responded to these and other questions. We’ll discuss highlights from the recently published report, Advancing Gender Equity: Conversations with movement leaders, and share ways that you can support gender equity projects in your communities.

Join the event

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 1555-1700 UTC. Please join 5 minutes before the hour to allow for troubleshooting any technical issues.

  • Join the live video conference event through Blue Jeans software. This option will allow you to interact by voice during the workshop.
  • Participate in live polling during the event through Mentimeter software:

Discussion questions

  • Why are you here today? Why is it important to you to hear the perspectives of gender equity leaders?
  • Is there anything that surprised you in this report?
  • Is there anything that sounds really familiar to you?
  • What is, to you, the most important finding?
  • How can you see this report impacting or changing the work you do within Wikimedia?
  • What are 1, 2 or 3 next steps that you can take in the near future?

4 thoughts on “Online gender event Tuesday

  1. First, on Wikipediocracy we’ve occasionally used the term “gender lady,” though the person most known for that was recently muted (alas, permanently this time). There are no instances in the database of the term “gender bitch,” so if you include the blog post itself and this comment, you now have two more instances than we do. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re trying to take a much less tolerant approach to sexism at a time when the right-wingers are all over the internet like a swarm of locusts, and lumping us in like this is just going to attract more locusts. (Gee thanks!)

    Second, I think you should absolutely participate in this chat. (I might even join in myself if it weren’t being held on a Wikimedia site.) Probably the main thing you should ask them is, why is there nothing on the “Mapping Project” page that suggests that the WMF might itself be partially to blame for the situation? And after that, ask why so many WMF spokespersons are trying to confuse journalists and bloggers when referring to the WP gender gap, mostly by trying to redefine it as the percentage of biographies about women, or even the *rate of growth* in biographies about women (rather than what it really is, the percentage of women in the user/editor base)? Because not only is it shamefully disingenuous, it isn’t even working, because most journalists and bloggers (indeed, most people in general) are much smarter than that.

    Anyway, good luck, and please tell them I said “hi.”

  2. Whatever happened to “shining a light in dark crevices”? You should change it to “trying to send messages though people who regularly troll us on other websites”. There was a time when Wikipediocracy would have done some background work on this and shown up to ask some relevant questions.

    And uh, cough cough…
    graaf genderbitches wikipediocracy

  3. You need to start differentiating between the two sites, period. Graaf is not a native English speaker, and he is using “GB” to highlight those who has gender as an excuse for other toxic behaviour familiar to Wikipedia. You will not find any other examples of sexist or misogynist speech on Sucks, just bad language which includes the occasional gendered insult. This is compatible with our warning to expect to be offended, the need to cause offence being quite necessary in this task, as you seem to accept. You will also find countless examples of how Wikipediocracy welcomes people with sexist and misogynistic views, and gives them copious airtime. They are laughably out of touch, completely incapable and quite unwilling to address these issues. This is all documented on Sucks, so if you keep scaring women away from it by lumping us in with them, they will likely keep making the mistake of joining Wikipediocracy, thinking they are in an understanding environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has taken BrilleLyle a very long time to realise what they are all about. She should be the last women who makes that mistake.

  4. So your “need” to cause offense with gendered insults you do not find to be at all misogynistic or sexist.


    But don’t suppose it’s fair of me to post a screenshot from Wikipediocrazy without posting one from Sucks, so here is one from the collection:

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