Sucks narrows the gender gap

It has been a busy week here in Desk Land.  The holiday season is just getting started, what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and some websites extending their specials even longer.  But it’s Christmas after all, and I have been taking some time to enjoy Graaf’s trains over at  Now Graaf is really hard to understand, and my Evil Twin has made some filters so that if he comes here, I will never see the comments.  But Graaf seems to have found a home at Sucks, and as I always say, credit where credit is due.  He has done nicely with the trains.  This one even has a postal car with a postal woman in it.

I’m not sure what all the circuitry is for.  Part of it is probably for the lights, but I don’t know why they would need all those chips just for lights.

But I have to say it is all very impressive.  And having a woman on the Sucks blog is a breath of fresh air, even if she is only a scale model.  Graaf should be congratulated.

One thing I wonder about though.  Where does she pee?

Earlier we discovered the toilet gap faced by Dutch women when a woman named  Geerte Piening was fined 90 euros for public urination.  Yes, here is the whole story.  She left a night club and then discovered that she had to pee. There were no toilets for women, only for men, and the club was closed, so she couldn’t go back.  She went behind a concrete block, and two friends shielded her, but the police came and arrested her.

This was the beginning of a protest, and the Netherland’s First National Public Urinal Urinating Day, or “Power to the Peepee.”  Hashtags (peeing woman) and  (no idea). The judge told Geerte to just pee at a urinal, so women started taking photos of themselves trying to pee at a urinal.

dutch woman eyes urinal

Here is the judge.  Ha ha, someone smuggled in a cellphone with a camera in it.  Doesn’t Amsterdam have any female judges?
Now this is just weird, it’s in the Rembrandt Square location of Amsterdam.

How disgusting, right in public and it’s not even dark out.  It looks like it is as Graaf says, men can just go behind a tree, but if the Dutch women try the same thing, the police will arrest them.

So here are a few toilets from American postal trains, see Wikipedia Railway post office.  Flickr has over 300 train photos here.  This is Texas Electric Railway Car 360 at the Interurban Railway Museum in Texas. It had both a post office and seats for passengers:

Here are a couple more train cars.  This is the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum.  There is a pot bellied stove to the left of the door.  The little green room to the right of the door has to be the toilet.

This photo is from the Transit Museum in North Carolina.

It probably doesn’t matter much whether Graaf’s postal car has a toilet or not. After all, in “Gone with the Wind“, no one goes to the toilet even once, and that’s a classic. The postal car is a great gesture of good will to women everywhere and we wish Graaf a wonderful holiday and much happiness with his trains.

(Always wanted one of these.)

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