Does Connie Hair edit Wikipedia for her boss?

“These guys know we will shoot them in a heartbeat if they fire a round or throw a stone, now that we have thermal and infrared night vision and can pick out individual targets from a distance.” –Connie Hair, Fox News, 2005.

Does Connie Hair edit Wikipedia for her boss?

First of all, if your employer requires you to edit Wikipedia as part of your job, you have a Hostile Workplace, and can sue them under Title IX.

Second, if you edit Wikipedia in exchange for money without disclosing it – and editing an article about the person you get your paycheck from definitely qualifies  – this is most certainly a WP:COI Conflict Of Interest violation.

Third, this is done all the time, and no one would have known if her boss, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hadn’t squealed on her during a congressional hearing.

So who is she?

Having the Southern Poverty Law Center compile a dossier on you is never a good sign.  SPLC included Connie Hair’s bio in a 2006 report.

In 2005 she was hired by Chris Simcox of the anti-immigraton Tombstone Militia as official spox for his Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. She used her long friendship with Sean Hannity to get Simcox onto Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes”, where Hannity did several programs from the Mexican border.

Connie Hair started her career as a B movie actress.  After appearing in four films, she turned to ultraconservative politics.

The films:

  • “Fake-Out” (1982) (Oh my, notorious nude Lesbian prison shower scene, odd choice for right-wing anti-LGBT activist, archivedanother source, film 14:43) memorable line, “relax, enjoy”
  • Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish 4: The Crackdown” (1987), plays girlfriend of Frank Bauggs (David Fonteno), the mob assassin, memorable line “I wish he would drop dead” just before boyfriend is thrown out of window and lands on car, to chauffeur (Irwin Keyes, is this any relation to Alan Keyes, both from NY, yeah it’s a stretch, probably not even close); LA Times review, “It’s indicative of the film’s slightness of characterization that 24th -billed Connie Hair, as an amusingly jaded gangster’s fancy lady, makes the strongest impression in the entire cast.” (film)
  • “Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde” (1993)
  • “Crime and Punishment” (2002)

In the 1990s she was a spokesperson for Free Republic. She was press secretary for the bizarre Alan Keyes in his 2000 presidential run and again in his run against Barack Obama in the 2004 Illinois senate campaign. She worked for Judicial Watch, a litigious organization heavily funded by the hard-right Scaife Foundation.

[Just a footnote, why would Richard Melon Scaife, Adolf Coors, Howard Ahmanson, the Bradley Foundation, the Olin Foundation, and others fund the Institute on Religion and Democracy‘s …. (hmm kind of a bland article, lots of IP edits)… multi-million dollar crusade against mainline churches and the National Council of Churches?]

Connie Hair has been a consultant for Coalition for a Fair Judiciary (“the only grass-roots organization that stands in the gap between the judicial nominees and the vicious onslaught of the left”‘) (no Wikipedia article) and part time communications director and speech writer for Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), who resigned in the midst of a bizarre sorry about $5 million offered to a female employee to be a surrogate mother.

She is also said to have been employed by Diener Consultants “Diener is noteworthy because its president, Phillip Sheldon, is the son of Lou Sheldon. As founder of the Traditional Values Coalition, Lou Sheldon (a Jewish convert to a pro- Zionist dispensationalist Christian sect) belongs to the Falwell-Pat Robertson-Hagee-Gary Bauer-Tim LaHaye cabal which leads the “endtimes” religious right into Israel’s clutches.” (source) “the professional beltway fundraising organization which came to control the Minuteman Project and MCDC” (source). Also PR for former Education Secretary William Bennett.(source 1, 2), involved in fundraising for Terri Schiavo’s national campaign and “she was 8 yrs in military psyche-ops…”(another source). She was a former Paramount Studios secretary, and she was a paid consultant to Washington activist Larry Klayman (Judicial Watch). (source).

 According to her own 2017 bio, she is a graduate of Broadmoor High School Baton Rouge, Louisiana, class of 1977.

She is single, was media and coalitions advisor to the U.S. Senate Republican Conference, and was “in Hollywood for nearly two decades, my work in the entertainment industry culminating at Paramount Pictures in network television”.

Also “Served eight years in psychological warfare with the U.S. Army Reserve as a PSYOP Specialist because physical wounds heal.”  Wat?

Is there some outside source for that?  Because, as far as anyone has been able to document, she was working for the vigilante Minutemen group.  Can you still be in the Army Reserve if you are an item at SPLC?

Well, this should give the current crop of COI crusaders something to think about.

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