Renée Bagslint joins “The Conversation”

baabaablacksheepmgmA shoutout to Renée’s new friends at “The Conversation”, who now account for more traffic to the Gender Desk than all the other Wikipedia criticism sites combined.

Alas, Renée/Rogol no longer visits us here, but anyone who is lonely and misses him can follow his comments through his profile over there, where he has been active since August 2018.

Unless of course it’s a joe job, in which case our Rogol owes the real Ms. Bagslint a huuuuuge apology.

See also:

bagslintUPDATE: Oh look he’s got a cute new frog avatar.

bagslint profile conversation

Oopsie, a few comments removed…

bagslint reoved comments


O and there was also What Gender Desk is not, which explains Teh Rulz here, such as they are.  Probably instigated by my Evil Twin, see the profile for Chargée d’Merde. There were no rules here before Rogol showed up.

AND he’s baaaaaack:

bagslint not real name wikirev screenshot

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