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The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies has published a list of online books, “books researched and compiled by George Pritchard of Redruth OCS“.  This is probably a reference to the Redruth Old Cornwell Society, and is probably not the same person as George Pritchard (missionary) (1 August 1796 – 6 May 1883). Ah, this might be him: “researcher George Pritchard, from Stithians” who located a photo of a particular individual among “2,000 images one the site have been collected over last 30 years by archivists at the Cornwall Centre in Redruth and date back to the early 1900s.”  You know what that means. A lot of them are probably in the public domain by now and could probably be uploaded to Commons. Somebody quick get them to hire a Wikipedian-in-Residence.

The Federation’s List of On-Line Books has at least a hundred curated titles, but unfortunately they are hidden in a PDF document, and mostly have links to the Open Library informational page for the publication, rather than the actual online text, so you have to click at least twice to get to them.  Others now have online texts available that are not linked at all. This means the links are not easily available to researchers and others who might be looking for them, as well as the algorithms that drive search engines, which as we know is the real meaning of Wikipedia.

For the last week I have been going over these lists, (when I wasn’t watching the 200-odd Brazilians who descended on the blog from some unknown Facebook page), proofreading and updating the links, and was going to start adding them to the Cornish language resources post, but at some point a post just gets too long.  Also, the search engines and google bots tend to ignore old posts, even when they have been updated.  So here is part one of On-Line Books from here, including Ancient and Holy Wells On-Line Books, Bibliography On-Line Books, and Biographies On-Line Books.   I have removed the links to Open Library (part of Internet Archive ), but they are still available in the original document.  The Open Library landing page with searchable index is here.

This is really long, and it isn’t even a fraction of the Pritchard material.

Ancient and holy wells

[Note: Wikipedia has a category for “Holy wells in Cornwall”]

Ancient and Holy Wells of Cornwall, M. & L. Quillar Couch, 1894. (~259 pg)

Ancient Crosses & Other Antiquities in the East of Cornwall, J.T. Blight, 1858.

Old Cornwall Crosses, Arthur G. Langdon, 1896. (excellent map)

Specimens of Ancient Cornish Crosses and Fonts, F.C.H., 1850.

The Wells, Shutes and Springs of Gerrans Parish Edited & Compiled by Hillary Thompson Published by Gerrans O.C.S 2012 (© 2009)


Bibliotheca cornubiensis. A catalogue of the writings, both manuscript and printed, of Cornishmen, and of works relating to the county of Cornwall, with biographical memoranda and copious literary references, George Clement Boase, 1874.

v. 1. A-O.

v. 2. P-Z.

v. 3. Comprising a supplementary catalogue of authors, lists of Acts of Parliament and Civil war tracts, &c., and an index to the contents of the 3 vols.

A Catalogue of the Books of the Penzance Public Library (Morrab Gardens) with an index of Titles and Subjects, Edited by John Kinsman,  1874.


Autobiography of Passmore Edwards printed in August 1905, Not for sale but for private circulation.

Autobiography of James Silk Buckingham; J S Buckingham, 1855.

Biographical Sketches in Cornwall, The Revd R Polwhele, 1831.

Vol. One

Vol. Three

Traditions and recollections; domestic, clerical, and literary; in which are included letters of Charles II, Cromwell, Fairfax, Edgecumbe, Macaulay, Wolcot, Opie, Whitaker, Gibbon, Buller, Courtenay, Moore, Downman, Drewe, Seward, Darwin, Cowper, Hayley, Hardinge, Sir Walter, Scott, and other distinguished characters , Richard Polwhele, 1826.

Vol. one

Vol. two

The life of George Grenfell, Congo missionary and explorer, George Hawker, 1909.

Cornish Worthies: sketches of some eminent Cornish men and families, Walter H Tregellas, 1884

Vol. One

Vol. Two

The Life of Viscount Exmouth ( Edward Pellew), Edward Osler, 1835.

A narrative of the expedition to Algiers in the year 1816 under the command of the Right Hon. Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth, Abraham V. Salamé, 1819.

Life of Richard Trevithick  with an account of his inventions, Francis Trevithick C E, 1872.

Vol. One

Vol. Two

Life of Lord Courtney, C P Gooch, 1920.

Men of Invention and Industry includes a chapter on Murdock, Samuel Smiles, 1885.

Lives of the Engineers, Samuel Smiles, 1879.  Vol 1. 1861 Mentions Trevithick, Davy & Murdoch

Lives of Boulton and Watt: Principally from the Original Soho Mss …lots about their time in Cornwall. Samuel Smiles, 1865.

The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, John A Paris, 1831.

 Vol. One by His Brother John Davy M D,  1839.

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart Vol. Two by His Brother John Davy M D, 1836.

Trelawny Papers, ed. William D Cooper F S A, 1853.

The Lives of the Seven Bishops Committed to the Tower in 1688, Agnes Strickland, 1866.  (the seven bishops being William Sancroft, Thomas Ken, Francis Turner, Thomas White, John Lake, William Lloyd, and Sir Jonathan Trelawny)

Edward Octavious Trevellas: Civil Engineer and Minister of the Gospel, Sarah E Fox, 1842.

The Life and Extraordinary Life of Sir William Courtney, “The life and extraordinary adventures of Sir William Courtenay, knight of Malta, alias John Nichols Tom, formerly spirit merchant and maltster, of Truro in Cornwall : being a correct detail of all the incidents of his extraordinary life, from his infancy to the dreadful battle at Bossenden Wood … concluding with an accurate account of the trial of the rioters at the Maidstone assizes” Canterburiensis, 1838.

Lives of Vice Admiral Sir Charles Vinicombe Penrose K.G.B. and Captain James Trevenen, Revd John Penrose, 1850.

The Adventures of Thomas Pellow of Penryn, Mariner, three and twenty years in captivity among the Moors, autobiography, 1840.

Memories of Mr. John Edward Trezise of St Just, Cornwall, consisting principally of extracts from his diary. With some account of Methodism in St. Just,  Richard Treffrey,  1837. Baz8LdD4ecw&hl=en&ei=l8fkScyXJs7B_QbNn9DECQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result &resnum=1#v=onepage&q&f=false

Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall, R S Hawker (Robert Stephen Hawker), 1903.

The Life and Letters of R.S. Hawker (sometime Vicar of Morwenstow), C E Byl (Charles Edward), 1905.

Memorials of the Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker M.A. sometime vicar of Morwenstow, in the diocese of Exeter, Revd F G Lee DCI (Frederick George Lee), 1876.

The Vicar of Morwenstow: A Life of R.S. Hawker, M.A. S Baring Gould MA (Sabine Baring-Gould), 1876.

Shelburne Essays, Paul Elmer More, 1907. (First chapter: The vicar of Morwenstow [Robert Stephen Hawker]).

Prisoners of war in France from 1804 to 1814: being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams of St. Ives, Cornwall. John Tregerthen Short, 1914.

The Autobiography of a Cornish Smuggler (Captain Harry Carter, of Prussia Cove) 1749-1809, Harry Carter, 1900.

John Knill 1733 – 1811, J J R of Penrose (John Jope Rogers), 1871. (from a history by Davies Gilbert, built Knill’s Mausoleum, a landmark to vessels at sea, on Worral Hill above St. Ives)

A History of the Rev. Hugh Peters M.A. Principal Chaplain to the Lord Protector 1640 – 1660, Revd Samuel Peters MA, 1807.


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