Open thread: which admins are stoners?

One of my readers asks, while naming a specific admin as head of a “drug traffickers association”:

“how much admin abuse is there on the english wikipedia, actually? does anyone regularly vet admin logs or anything like that?”

So which admins are self-declared stoners? At least one sells grow-lights and marijuana, and I seem to remember someone else with a name “high”-something, but how many are there.

What is admin abuse?
What are the admin logs and who can access them? Which ones are important and should be monitored?”

5 thoughts on “Open thread: which admins are stoners?

  1. Firstly I will say that in my view there is nothing wrong with marijuana use, which should be legal where it isn’t already.

    A substantial proportion of editors edit while under the influence, which is generally fine, although one editor did have a panic attack while editing philosophy articles once, due to having smoked too much weed (they were fine the next week).

    But what about admins that unironically advocate for heroin use? Of which there are several, hard drugs are surely more of a serious problem.

    Meanwhile admin logs are public, and anyone is welcome to vet them if they are interested, using the interface at [[Special:Log]]. The same cannot be said of the private functionaries logs, which are arguably more important.

    The important logs would naturally be the block log and deletion log, but the protection log is also a consideration.

    Of course, there is no real difference between admins making strange decisions while high on weed and Russian wodka, compared to just standard admin weirdness.

    ~This message brought to you by WEED GANG~

  2. If people are editing Wikipedia impaired, that could explain a lot.

    If they open a bottle, they should close the browser. The fact that someone ended up editing philosophy while messed up sort of speaks for itself, although in this case correlation *might* indicate causation (in the other direction, i.e. did philosophy drive them to self-medicate.)

    I guess Dennis Brown is the one I was thinking of that goes to weed conventions. Who advocates for heroin?

  3. Him? Oh I thought it was a she. He certainly seems to be developing some expertise in the subject, but he doesn’t say how he feels about it personally. Just on the talk page alone there are drafts, mostly deleted, for Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, The Legend of 420 (film, not after-school club), and Draft:Barbary Coast cannabis lounge, “The Barbary Coast Collective lounge on Mission Street in San Francisco, California is the first Amsterdam-style coffee shop allowing on-premises cannabis consumption…” lol, does no one still go into an establishment and hope for a stash of cigars represented as Cuban positioned discreetly under the counter?

    I’m surprised the Kentucky article doesn’t cover the massive growing of hemp (of low THC content) during WWII for rope production, which still grows wild all over the Midwest, although by now it has probably cross-pollinated with other strains.

  4. lol, “Martha Stewart to advise cannabis company” Oh noes, “first project will offer sensible products for people’s beloved pets,”
    So the cookware thing with Macy’s must not be taking off?? It’s priced quiet a bit lower than Le Creuset. (Yes I have been trying to keep up with Upscale Cookware since the interview with Katherine Maher revealed she had a yellow Le Creuset pot on her stove.)
    The other Martha Stewart “pot”:

    (I’m sorry but it’s hideous.)
    This one they say you can bake bread.

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