Public domain animals

Purrrrcy demonstrates the WMF superpower of Doing Nothing. “I handle all the legal team cases where silence is the best option.” [source]
Fae has nominated a bunch of stuffed toys for deletion, including Purrrcy, the mascot of WMF legal.

The karma balance of the universe must be restored.

So I am looking for some public domain animals for your enjoyment.

I think I have hit pay dirt  Here is an 1894  taxidermy text from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. If that doesn’t sound “notable”, I don’t know what would. The text is by William T. Hornaday, an early zoologist that Wikipedia claims was a ” a pioneer in the early wildlife conservation movement”, apparently a fool who went running around the world killing animals and stuffing them in order to “conserve” them.

And here is the tiger, drawn by Charles B. Hudson, who can only be the same Charles Bradford Hudson (red link)  (1865-1939) (bio) as the American impressionist who “…illustrated a scholarly work on the preparation of specimens for display in 1891. Because of the quality of his work and his dedication, Hudson was hired to go on expeditions funded by the Bureau of Fisheries….”

Hudson is the author of two books:

  • The Crimson Conquest, (1906), Pizzaro’s conquest of Peru, ISBN: 0665858337 [Hathitrust] {Gutenburg]
  • The Royal Outlaw (1917) juvenile fiction about the biblical King David.[Hathitrust]

As a bonus, here is a reversed image of the tiger, in case anyone wants to sew them together to hang on the Christmas tree or make sock puppets or whatever.

And such is how the Cuteness Association becomes repopulated, one by one.

Here, kitty kitty, nice kitty.

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